Armenia has been recognized as one of the safest countries in 2015!!!

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Upon the end of 2015 Armenia has been recognized as one of the safest destinations to travel.

With its hospital and warm people Armenia is a magnificent place to visit. Generally during the summer time the capital Yerevan is full with foreigners. They come to see one of the ancient cities in the world, enjoy the harvest time, see the Biblical Mount of Ararat and a lot of rocky mountains. The city center streets are always crowded and 24/7 policemen are doing their best to let the people enjoy their time.

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The overall Armenia is a pleasant and nice place where people are hospitable and welcome foreigners. It is safe by walking through the streets of Yerevan anytime during the night. Neverthless,  theft and pickpocketing in some percentage are present et every country. Carefullness is always good.

Yerevan main streets in the city center are always full of so called “Angel Police Staff” whose main activities are to support whoever needs. They are equipped with the first aids medicines and are always happy to help.  

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Traffic in Yerevan is rather flexible. One can easily get the public transport and the private taxi as well. The taxi service is very cheap but the vehicles are mainly old and it is better to avoid and rent a car for your trips and visits. For those who want to 

start their drive right from the airport car rental at the Armenian airport is always available. For those who want to be taken from or to the airport reliable transfer services are preferable. 

Armenia was announced as a safe country also according to the Independant's report. To the question “Do you feel safe walking alone in the city at night?” 82% of the interviewed considered Armenia to be a safe country.