How to travel to Armenia

The geographical location of Armenia is on the crossroad of Europe and Asia -between the Black, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas. Armenia is easily accessible by any transport from Georgia and Iran, despite the fact of no open land borders with its two other neighbors Turkey and Azerbaijan. And of course the airspace is open for any Travel to Armenia.

You can visit Armenia by airplane as well as by train, by car, by bicycle, and by foot.


By Plane

Armenia has two major passenger airports in Capital Yerevan and Gyumri city, both administered by the ARMENIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS company. Armenia's main Airport (Zvartnots International Airport) is truly one of the best modern airports in the Caucasus and is in 12 km from Yerevan. The Airport has a transit zone and provides permission for visiting the city. The airport handles all type commercial aircraft.

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Yerevan Airport has a connection with more than 55 cities of Russia, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Here are cities providing direct flights to Yerevan:
1. Paris
2. Lion
3. Berlin
4. Frankfurt
5. Koln
6. London
7. Vienna
8. Prague
9. Amsterdam
10. Athens

11. Rome
12. Verona
13. Barcelona
14. Birmingham
15. Warsaw
16. Riga
17. Minsk
18. Kiev
19. Kharkov
20. Dnepropetrovsk
21. Moscow
22. Odessa
23. Donetsk
24. Simferopol
25. Sochi
26. Krasnodar
27. Anapa
28. Samara
29. Rostov
30. Chelyabinsk
31. Voronezh
32. Volgograd
33. Vladikavkaz
34. Saratov
35. Ekaterinburg
36. Krasnoyarsk
37. Saint Petersburg
38. Tyumen
39. Kazan
40. Novosibirsk
41. Novgorod
42. Nizhniy Novgorod
43. Ufa
44. Perm
45. Orenburg

46. Barnaul
47. Tbilisi
48. Aleppo
49. Tehran
50. Aktau
51. Beirut
52. Tel-Aviv
53. Deli
54. Dubai
55. Istambul
And others.

About 30 International aircraft companies have regular flights to Yerevan,

  • Air France
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Aeroflot-Russian airlines
  • Red Wings
  • British Midland Airways
  • Czech Airlines
  • Air Baltic
  • Syrian Airlines
  • Caspian Airlines
  • Belavia
  • Atlasjet
  • Aeroflot-DON
  • Constanta Airlines
  • Donbass Aero
  • Kavminvod Avia
  • Kuban Airlines
  • Orenburg Airlines
  • Russia State Transport Company
  • Air Company Tatarstan
  • Samara Airlines
  • Saratov Airlines
  • Ural Airlines
  • Volga via-express
  • Yamal Airlines
  • Air Company Scat
  • Krasair
  • Vim AviaPolet

In every case Airplane is the most convenient, comfortable and fast way to get to Armenia.


By Train

To get to Armenia by train is possible only from Georgia. There are two passenger trains available:

  • Tbilisi - Yerevan (round year). Duration - 10 hours.
  • Batumi - Yerevan (summer season). Duration – 15 hours.


By Car

Two international entry roads to Armenia (from Georgia and Iran) make it quite easy to travel to Armenia by car.

If you don't have your own car you can rent a car or take a car with driver to start your trip. Border procedures are not heavy in Armenia, so you can easily enter to Armenia on your own or rented car. Travel to Armenia by car may be a bit more expensive, but it will be much comfortable and also will give you an opportunity to admire sites all the way long.


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By Bus

Every day, constantly, a number of big tour buses travel to Armenia. Mostly they are managed by travel agencies. They organize tours and transportations for tourist who visit Caucasus, including Armenia. Also this tour buses provide country-tours around Armenia.

Armenian border passing procedure usually takes some 20 minutes.

Citizens of USA, Canada, EU, IRAN and many other countries get Armenian tourist Visa by simple procedure, exactly on the Armenian Border: an application and a small payment is required. Armenia Visa fee is 3000 AMD, which is less than USD 10.

No Visa is required for citizens of CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others) and Georgia.