Introducing TravelCar rent a car agency’s fleet

rent a car vehicle guide

TravelCar always tries to meet their customers' preferences and introduces the best cars both for your individual and business trips.  Here is the brief presentation of the fleet we offer for your next car rental in Armenia. Please note that we present any car group with one leading car model. The SIPP codes like MDMR, EDMR or etc.. you will find next to each car groups give an understanding of the vehicle size, number of doors, transmission types and air conditioning. 


MDMR / Nissan Micra or similar

Nissan Micra name has been on our roads for over a decade now, and in that time has become a popular car among car rental agencies in Armenia. Low fuel consumption, clean engines, mini size, great line of sight and easy to drive. These are the main characteristics that attract car renters to give it a go.

Although it’s small from outside, but it’s generously spacious inside. The feeling of wide space is due to its high roof and wide cabin. This is an excellent choice if you have limited budget. It has a unique style and you will definitely stand out in city traffic.


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EDMR / Hyundai Accent

This economy car is a perfect choice for those who like quite ride, interior comfort and great design. Hyundai Accent is a real expert for fuel economy. It is a perfect car both for highways and for the ride in the city. Whenever you are offered this car, do not hesitate and give it a try.


EDAR / Volkswagen Polo

Only the name Volkswagen tells everything. It stands for quality and economy of fuel. Stylish look, comfortable seats and smooth ride is what you need. The Volkswagen Polo is well equipped, spacious and has a high-quality interior. If you are for comfort, than you need this car.


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IFMR / Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki has years of experience building compact SUVs. It has a spacious interior and large boot, which is very important feature for those who travel with kids and take a lot stuff with them. This car is both for the city and for hilly places. Being economy class SUV it helps you to save on fuel, which is very important when you are planning your travel expenses and want to save on your next rent a car. Its sharp design and compact size is what attract from the first sight.

SFAR / Hyundai Tucson,

In the wide range of SUVs Hyundai Tucson stands out for its wide interior for 5 adults, big boot and original and distinctive styling. Whenever you decide to travel in hilly road outside the city, this car will be your best companion. If you are after a family car, then you will not be disappointed. There will be enough space and comfortable seats for all the passengers.

PFAR / Toyota Prado

If you are for full-size elite cars, than this will be the best choice. It's an immensely powerful car, with outstanding design. With this car you can feel like king of the roads. It has huge interior, comfortable seats. No matter where you go, all the roads are conquerable with Toyota Prado. We put an accent on your preferances. 

Choose your desired vehicle and enjoy your rent a car experience in Armenia.