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“TravelCar” Team is always pleased to welcome you at the cheapest car rental in Yerevan, Armenia. If this is the first time you are in Armenia you should note one thing. The best way to discover this beautiful and rocky country is traveling by car.

 Car hire in Yerevan is becoming more and more emerging nowadays. When renting a car you have the whole country at your disposal. You are free to take the ride of your time and schedule. One wonderful day that gave us an idea to create the best in class Rent a car in Armenia. We are here to welcome our visitors and help them to enjoy their stay.


Renting a car in Yerevan for the first time you may have a couple of questions.

If you are going to rent a car in Yerevan for the first time here is important information for you. Like what documents are required to be presented to car hire in Yerevan? What should you do before leaving the car rental agency? Find all the useful information that will help you make your car hire in Armenia enjoyable.

Take the time to read it before hiring a car in Yerevan, it is really worth.
It will always seem hard and difficult to hire a car in Yerevan for the first time. It may even be intimidating to some travelers. The first obligatory thing that you should read is the terms and conditions page of our car rental website. Understanding the rules during your car rental period in Armenia is a must. We fully understand your concern. It feels to take a huge responsibility. However we are here to help you overcome these obstacles. With TravelCar agency car hire is cheap and hassle free!

We are trying to provide detailed information at our website. It is for allowing you to implement your first car rental booking without any difficulty. This information will help you understand the whole booking process. You will be aware of your rights and responsibilities when leasing a car in Yerevan. Follow our instructions and rent your car in Yerevan through our website.

Looking for cheap car hire in Yerevan?  – Here we are.

To help you to save both on your time and on your wallet we come up with cheap car hire deals in Yerevan. TravelCar team is always working to create some special offers to meet both your budget and satisfaction. There is a special offer field where you can check out cheap rent a car packages.

A choice of vehicles

Whether you need to rent a family car, a sedan or SUV? You will find your favorite among our vehicle guide. In addition, you can choose the place of withdrawal of your car rental in Armenia. That will be airport, city center or other place.

By hiring on our site, you benefit from cheap car rental prices. In addition, you can cancel your reservation without charge until the day before departure. Your vehicle reservation is possible until 1 hour before departure!

Our car hire website simplifies your search for information. Multi-criteria information is provided in vehicle guide. At a glance, you find the best price / quality ratio to rent a cheap car, through customer experiences in Yerevan.

The car rental process in Yerevan with our agent

The rent a car agent meets the client at the agency, on the phone or via email. The client may be uncertain about the type of the car to lease in Yerevan, Armenia. Our agent advises best choices based on his needs. 
The agent reviews with the client different types of leasing suitable to the use of the car. The packages are chosen according to time and / or distance and mileage considered. The agent often helps the client to complete the car rent and receives the payment.
At the end of the contract the agent receives the car return, examines and verifies its condition. In case of dispute or unforeseen incident in the lease, he fixes the problem.

A free customer service for car hire

Rent a car in Yerevan through the website. You will have access to our customer service, available 7 days 24 hours. To best assist and answer questions, our professional advisors are here to listen.
Do you need help to make a reservation, make changes to a reservation? Or you just need to get general information about hiring a car in Armenia? Please be sure to contact us anytime. Our specialists in Yerevan will be happy to provide the desired information.

No matter what your plan is for your holidays. Our customer advisors are available for free by phone and online via email. Our experts of the car rental will give you information about the specificities of car lease in Armenia. They will answer all your questions before, during or after your rental car.

Cancellation of your rental car

An unexpected case happened? You can, in nearly all cases, cancel, modify or postpone without charge your car rental reservation. You should do it 24 hours before the care of your rented car.

A reference for online car hire in Yerevan

Are you hiring or just looking for information to evaluate car rentals in Yerevan? Your car plan gives you access to a range of cheap rent a car services at the lowest prices. Our service allows you to have access to a significant number of vehicles in many car rental agencies.

What criteria to consider before choosing your car rental package in Armenia?

Here are some helpful questions. These will help you make final choice of your car rental package:
-    Which car do you really need to lease?
-    The duration of your car leasing in Armenia
-    How many kilometers do you need to drive?
-    Are you going to return the rented car in different location?
-    Would you like to benefit from additional insurance?
-    Do you need additional equipment or services: child seat, GPS, etc.?
The period to hire a car is of paramount importance. Do you need a vehicle for specific event or for more regular needs?

Compare prices for rental packages

It is sometimes difficult to choose the right car for rent. Do not waste your time doing research online. Simply call us. We have all the necessary information you need. Find the vehicle that best suits your needs at the desired locations and dates. You are always in the right place. Best service at the best price!
It is more economical to rent a car in Yerevan for several days than for just one day. Several day rates are lower.
Everything depends on the owner, country management and vehicle category.

Useful information for your car hire in Yerevan

We will make the process of a rent a car in Yerevan as simple as possible. We will make the car hire take place in best conditions. Here is some information that will be helpful.

  - Deposit for leasing a car.
This is a blocked amount on the credit card of the renter for assuring the safe control of the vehicle. This is for the duration of the car hire in Yerevan. After the period of lease a car is over the car should be returned in well condition. The deposit is returned in full.

  - Credit card.
Rent a car agencies in Armenia require a valid international credit card. It must be in the name of the main driver during the vehicle ownership. The card limit must be high enough to cover the additional costs. This includes the cost of fuel, GPS, child seat, other additional services and the deposit. 

  - Vehicle control before leaving the agency.
An essential and vital process to remember when hiring a car in Yerevan is control of the vehicle! Take time to check the overall condition of the rented car both inside and outside. It will be more preferable to note with an agent all the damages observed. This way you will avoid any misunderstandings or surprises. Especially it will be visible when returning the car to the rental agency. All this is necessary in order to prevent both of you later. A dispute in case of damage was not reported initially. Do not be embarrassed especially to perform a second verification of the condition of the vehicle.

  - The return of damaged vehicle.
Check and fix the initial condition of the car at the time of reservation. It is needed despite of the chosen insurance. All possible existing damages must be indicated in a statement in advance signed by the landlord. Is advised to keep all your important documents.

  - Fuel.
At the time of the initial vehicle condition check, fix the amount of fuel in the tank. Make sure it is full as stated on your contract signed by the owner. 
Visit our driving vehicle guide. You will find here useful information related to cars for leasing in Armenia. Discover traffic rules and driving habits Armenia before hiring and driving. This set of information will be of great help once you arrive at your holiday destination.

Car Rental Services in Yerevan, Armenia!

We do our best to make your journey in Armenia unforgettable. TravelCar is not only about a rent a car in Yerevan. It is about high class service, professional stuff and affordable prices.
When hiring a car we always need not only a car. We need also extra services for making our experience complete.

One of the most popular extra is additional driver on a car rental contract. Whether you plan on sharing the driving? Or you're just looking to have the flexibility for a spouse or fellow traveler? To drive the rented car, you can choose this option.
Do you need to drive a long distance to get to the desired destination? Going to Tbilisi, Nagorno Kharabagh or far regions of beautiful Armenia, you may feel tired. Just give the chance of enjoying the drive in Armenia to your companion.


Short term car rental in Yerevan

Depending on duration of your car rental in Yerevan the packages vary. We are providing short term car hire in Yerevan. It is varying from 1 to 30 days. This packages is suitable for business partners. It will be good for individuals who are going to visit Armenia for short period.

Long term car rental In Yerevan

Do you need to lease a car in Armenia, Yerevan for more than 30 days? "TravelCar" has prepared an appropriate long term car rental package in Yerevan. This package is good to make savings and benefit from reduced costs.

Corporate rentals

With the help of "TravelCar" agency you can easily find car rental partner in Armenia. You will benefit from corporate leasing reliable and cost efficient packages.

Transfer service

The transfer service is intended for passenger transportations. From airport or from one destination to another in Armenia can be implemented transfers. 

GPS Navigator

It is your first time in Armenia? Then you will surely need a GPS. When you are driving unfamiliar roads with a rented car it can be difficult to navigate with a standard road map. You can never guess when is expecting you. The GPS will help you to get to the final destination safe and easy. GPS is first of all about saving your time during your car rental. Just input the destination and drive as GPS works.

Child Seat

There is nothing more important, than caring about our children’s safety. TravelCar offers wide range of child seats for children of different ages among its lease a car services. Take a child seat and drive miles away with your beloved child, as you do not have worries any more.

Full Insurance

Nobody is ever insured or secured from any kind of damage. You can choose full coverage for your car hire. In case you choose Full Insurance is will relieve you from any kind of stress. It provides you 100% of protection from any kind of damage. No need to worry about long and boring procedures with Insurance companies. We will release you from this unpleasant process.


In 21st century nobody imagines their life without the internet. No matter if you are in Yerevan or anywhere else. Internet coverage is with you and you can keep up with all the updates in the world. Take your laptop or smart phone with you and be available even during the drive. Choose WiFi with car rental, check-in, share with your friends. Let everyone know that you visited our warm and beautiful country.

Chauffuar Service

If you are on a business trip or you just want to admire Armenia’s sights as a passenger choose this option. We can provide you with both English speaking and Russian speaking drivers. They will accompany you during your trip. Our professional and friendly drivers will always be happy to be at your service, with a smile on their faces.

Delivery Service

We always think about our customers comfort and offer another very helpful option for them. Whenever you need or wherever you are we are happy to deliver the car to your place. 

Is it already your last day in Armenia and it is obligated to rent a car in Yerevan? Are you in far region? May be you do not want to drive to downtown location, than this option is for you. Call whenever and from wherever you want. Our agents will come to the mentioned destination to take the car.

Rent your travel car with a smart mind.

Car rental offers

TravelCar offers to hire a wide range of new passenger and high brand cars in Yerevan with cheap prices. They will accompany you wherever you go. TravelCar car hire in Yerevan is the best choice to rent your car at low prices.

Travelcar is your ideal car rental partner. Thanks to its many cars spread throughout the city if you cross Armenia.

If you wish, you can now lease a car on our website and choose service options as needed. Do you want to avail of various facilities or exclusive guarantees? We offer a number of services available. For more information, please visit our website or directly contact our franchise shops.

So be it for business trips or holidays cheaply, go for Travelcar!

In fact we are so confident that you will not find better and cheaper car hire service elsewhere. We even encourage you to check some other rental websites. Find out how much you can save by using our comparison service. To get the cheapest price possible, we recommend you lease a car as early as possible. It is preferably 3-4 months in advance. As with most other services in the travel industry, you normally see in the end. The longer you wait the more you pay.

Insurance and unlimited mileage

Unlike many other travel websites most of our car rental quote include unlimited mileage. This means that you can drive as much as you want and where you want. When renting, the necessary insurance is always included. That is being liability insurance, vehicle theft and collision damage waiver. Furthermore, taxes, airport fees and assistance in case of failure are also included in the quoted price.

No hidden or surprise credit card fees

We strive to provide the best service and the best car rental customer satisfaction. This means: no surprises on arrival at the car rental counter. When the car reservation is made through our website, you will also never see additional credit card charges.

Customer Service 24/24, 7/7

Unlike many other car leasing websites, we provide customer service. If you have problems with your rental car in Yerevan, we have a team ready to help you. You can call or contact us at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Wide selection and availability of cars and services

TravelCar is a leading car rental portal on the Internet. As we compare several car leasing companies, we also have one of the largest car rental selections available. You will discover cars from economy class. Small and mini cars to minivans, jeeps, minibuses and family cars are available.

All car rental companies have only one goal. That is making your car hire during the the best time. When starting your holiday or business trip TravelCar will facilitate it for business travelers.

The major car hire companies offer travelers all the ranges to rent a car in Armenia, Yerevan. As soon as they arrive at the airport the company is here to serve. For all your personal or business needs you can hire car in Yerevan. Discover the diversity of formats offered. The car hire companies offer the hourly hiring lease of 1 to 30 days.

The most demanding may opt for the car rental to the card.

A day sensation is in large displacement. An exception is an escape time for a weekend with hiring a convertible car. Enjoy premium holiday with comfortable car rental. What are you waiting for rent a car in Yerevan on our airport?

On our portal, you quickly and easily find the perfect car for your needs. The affordable city car, the family van, the sports car are available. The team TravelCar will help you find and hire the car for all occasions.

With TravelCar you can organize your annual vacation. Your day trips or your individual business trips are planned. Be flexible and open now. Forget the delays to public transport, buses and trains, it is you who decide how and when to go!

The TravelCar team is eager to help you find the rental car you want. We are at your service for further information. We will be happy to explain in detail the terms of payment. We will help you understand the different types of insurance, additional services. Or we will just meet your various questions. We look forward to contributing to the success of your trip!

Hire with us

Here you will enjoy the easiest way of booking system to get to your desired car. Leasing with us is always hassle-free. Booking, renting and after you are always confident. TravelCar staff is happy to assist you.   

As Yerevan is a small city, it will make your way facile to find our car hire offices. We have 2 locations.

The downtown office is based on 5/1 Northern Ave., next to Ibis hotel. Mainly all the pickups and drop offs are being handled in this location.



Rent a car in Yerevan, Armenia with a peace of mind.

To meet your needs we come up with the new branded vehicles, big range of extra services, low rates and of course professional staff to serve you 24/7. It is our purpose to make your car hire in Armenia an unforgettable experience, no matter if you are going to rent the car for your holiday or business. Here you will enjoy the easiest way of booking system to get to your desired car. Renting with us is always hassle-free. Booking, renting and after you are always confident that TravelCar staff is happy to assist you.

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