Car Rental Extra Services and Equipments

Make your journey better!

car rental yerevan extra services and equipment

To make your car rental experience in Yerevan more enjoyable and easy we have come up with a big range of additional services.


When you are traveling in a new destination it is always a nut to follow the roads and throw a quick eye on a map. Not to get lost and find the easiest way to the point, we offer you to take GPS navigator, which will guide you through the roads and paths step by step showing you the right way. You will have a reliable guide with car rental in Yerevan, multilingual voice speaker which will make your drive convenient on the roads.

All you need to do is to stick the destination and GPS will do the rest.

Baby Seat:

 Of course our little angels are the most important creatures in our lives. So, when renting a car in Yerevan for travel with a child we need to provide them safety and comfort all the time. TravelCar will take care of your child offering Baby Seats with different types and models appropriate to your child’s age.


When you are traveling and still need to keep your eyes on your business e-mails or just want to share your joyful moments on the social websites you have an ideal option when renting a car in Armenia with TravelCar.  We offer you portable Wi Fi devices with unlimited and high speed internet coverage within Armenia. This provides a high quality internet up to 7 devices.

Are you still thinking about the benefits of this service? Then get an android phone with you and rent a car with Wi Fi device to get two in one – use free map application. Add this to your car rental and take wherever you go.

Full insurance:

 You are traveling and have some worries about the unknown traffic? It is easier to rely on the people whose mission is to take care of your safety and comfort.

When renting a car in Yerevan you have a few options for choosing insurance packages with TravelCar. While the standard insurance (CDW, TP with deductible amount identified in the current price list) is already included in the rates, we have created two more options for the travelers seeking for a peace of mind when driving.

  • Semi full insurance package:

If you are a careful driver but need to make an insurance just in any case, as you are driving a new country, we will be pleased to offer you a kind of insurance which means that paying only 5000 AMD per day with the maximum price of 7 days you will get a Semi Full Insurance package. Here appears a question – in which cases of car rental in Yerevan the insurance is acting?

This package relieves you from any kind of financial responsibilities in case of damages or accidents except when there’s a damage with tires and windows.

  • Full Insurance Package:

When you are thinking about full exception of any bills of damages or accidents you should always think about the most frequent risks you face on the roads. While semi full insurance package covers every part of your rented vehicle except of tires and windows, now we have a better offer for you – no exceptions, you just need to add only 2000 AMD daily.

Pay 7000 AMD per day with the maximum charge for 7 days and free yourself.

This amount is nonrefundable but it frees you from the extra charges in case of damages or accidents during your car rental in Yerevan.


  • All the insurance packages relates to the vehicles only
  • No insurance package covers loss of the vehicle belongings (including but not limiting with the keys, plate numbers, remote control, documents and etc…)
  • All the insurance packages are valid if customer step by step complies with the TravelCar Terms and Conditions