Important Tips When Renting Car With Your Child!

car rental in armenia with child

Are you planning to visit a new country with your child? Or just have a long road trip within your country? Maybe you are thinking over it and trying to guess if it is a good idea or not.

Well, believe it is. If you are properly informed about all the details concerning the safety and the equipments you need to tool up, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

First of all find out everything you need to know about car safety equipment for your child.


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Make sure that the car rental agency you are renting from takes care of your child and provides the car with a Baby Seat, which is appropriate to your child’s weight and age.

Here is an easy scheme for you to choose the correct seat for your baby’s weight:

Its is of crucial importance to install the Baby Seat properly. You may also need some manual instruction on how to use the equipment correctly, so feel free to ask the agent about that. The Baby Seat must be fixed tightly by the belt and not move sideways.


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Most of the countries have laws requiring you to have Baby Seat in your car until your child is at least seven years old. So, IT’S A MUST!

We sincerely hope, that this blog will help you to make the right decision on travelling with your child.

Have a safe trip, enjoy your journey and never forget to SMILE MORE!