Benefits of taking a road trip to Armenia.

road trip in armenia

Armenia is a huge, fertile, unbelievably beautiful and hospitable country. On the territory of Armenia one can find uncountable amount of archaic temples, monasteries, sightseeing and gorgeous landscapes, which you can admire incessantly. Armenia is considered to be one of the most ancient countries in the world, also it is the very first country, which adopted Christianity, that is why there are so many different religious monuments, and historical values. This incredibly beautiful country is full of picturesque mountains, crystalline lakes, dense forests, green valleys and flourishing fields. Fresh mountain air is considered to be curative. Armenian water is the clearest in the whole world after Switzerland. Our beloved calm lake Sevan is called the emerald of our country. The worldfamous Biblical mountain Ararat is a loadstone for travelers all over the world.

 This admiring country is the best place for archeologists, historians, tourists and foodies, the lovers of tasty dishes, because Armenian national cuisine is legendary, and our brandy is just amazing. 

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 As Armenia is a mountain country, the coziest way of travelling is by a car. Travelling in Armenia by a car will be accustomed pastime for those, who drives in Europe or in other territories with analogous type of roads.

 It is very important to choose the right model of a car for rent. Try to think as practically as possible over this issue – if you are going to travel only in the city, it is better to take a compact vehicle, but for long trips or mountain tours one should rent more comfortable and bigger car.


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 If on the territory of capital city we can notice pretty sprightly and massive motion, outside of the country it is vice versa, the motion in other regions is noticeably easier. So, if you take the trip in Armenia, it will bring you unforgettable joy.

 Renting a car in Armenia, you can afford driving all over the country without any limitations, you can choose the most comfortable route and the most convenient car, and you for sure will enjoy your trip.