Compact Cars are at highest demand

rent a compact car

Compact cars are a desired segment for the travelers who wish to rent a car in Yerevan and enjoy self-drive experience in Armenia.

There are hundred reasons why people prefer especially this category for their rental. We will bring a few below.

What are the best reasons to get a compact car?

- When you are traveling in a new country and you are not sure about the traffic you always prefer to avoid parking difficulties. When renting compact cars you easily can scratch this worry.

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- Renting compact cars in Yerevan is cheaper than big SUV or premium class sedans although car rental in Armenia is quite affordable especially if you choose the right company.

- Compact cars are more economy options in terms of fuel expenditure.

- When it comes to your first car and you want a reliable vehicle, it is economical with enough space for a few friends.

- When you already have a "family" car and you need a smaller car to go shopping, go to the gym or work.

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- When you need to make daily round trips and looking for a car that offers high fuel economy with a quality / affordable price.

A car that is safe and economical at the same time

This is what you need. A compact car or a compact may be just what you need. If you travel alone or in two during your daily commute, you probably will not need three rows of seats or cargo space for an entire family. What you need is a quality, comfortable, economical, safe and reliable car that will use your budget in an efficient manner and cost you less.

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True hearts of the European market, the compact sedans are a prime target for the motorist keen to balance budget and versatility. For manufacturers, this segment also represents an excellent compromise between high volumes and good margins. Therefore, it is not surprising that this market is among the most contested.

In Europe, it is a highly competitive segment. All manufacturers are looking to diversify their offers of compacts, creating numerous body variants: 3, 4, 5-door, wagon, Coupé-Cabriolet, sporting version, to fill all market niches.

Overrepresented on the used cars market, recent compacts are within less than 12 000 euros. The competition is fierce in the compact sedan class. No less than twenty-five manufacturers are offering their models to buyers. To this diversity of models, it is necessary to add saturation to the supply in the used cars market as demand has slowed to other types of vehicles, SUV especially.

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A lot of people renting a car in Armenia mistakenly think that the only acceptable option is SUV while all the cars drive to the same sightseeing’s. Sometimes they overpay because of lack of information. That is why we strongly recommend to get an advice from our Team when planning your next car rental in Yerevan. Our professional team is always happy to meet your requirements and guide to the best solution.

Renting with us is cheap, effective and hassle free! Make your journey better!