Tips for renting a car in Yerevan

car rental tips

Renting a car can be tedious and expensive, if you don’t know how to choose a car rental agency. It is important to compare offers of existing agencies.

And of course what is the most important thing is to pay attention on the offered insurance terms and conditions. 

In order to rent a car in Yerevan successfully and get a full satisfaction from the service delivered you should take into consideration some useful tips.

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First of all you have to discover your real needs when renting a car in Yerevan in order to make some cost savings and really enjoy your rental. Here are some important factors that are actually essential when choosing your car rental agency in Yerevan:

- The number of persons with whom you are going to travel
- Your travel itinerary
- Insurance
- Prices

Traditional methods to get information about car rental agencies

For renting a car in Armenia you will definitely search in Google to get all the best offers available. However you will face several options presented on the market and it will be difficult to choose from them. For this TravelCar has created a Contact Us field where you can find some contact information. You can always address your questions and get reliable answers from the professional Customer Service Department. 

Another way to get a car rental agency is the “word of mouth”. You will get recommendations about reliable and well-known car rental agencies in Yerevan. However, for more relevant options you have to consider many factors to choose the right agency with suitable car rental packages.


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You may also visit some car rental agencies to get information from directly professional consultants. From their responses you can find out whether the agency is reliable or not. The professional car rental agency will listen to your real needs and give you a tailor-made offer. 

What else to consider when renting a car?

The best offers are essentially offered during winter season. The well-chosen package will let you economize and profit from a lot of discounts according to the duration of your car rental. During the so called "high season" all the major car rental agencies in Yerevan are working overloaded. This is the reason we always recommend to make your car rental bookings in advance on line. This will also help you to save your time and concentrate either on your travel or business meetings. 

On every car rental agencies website you will find out the vehicle guide page, where all the vehicles are presented with their specifications (like capacity, engine size and etc..)  But this is not enough to make your right choice.  You should get the fitting one by considering the destination where you will travel, the fuel consumption, A/C and etc. 

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The most important part of your successful and safe rent a car experience is of course INSURANCE. There are plenty of rent a car companies in Yerevan offering cheap and not professional car rental services in every part of the streets. Attention! Be careful when making your choice. If you are already in Yerevan and want to make an on spot decision please take a few minutes to talk, to question and to examine the fleet you are going to choose. The best and the fastest way to understand whether the agency is reliable or not is to speak about insurance terms and conditions. All the normal rent a car agencies in Yerevan offer more or less similar terms as you are used to see in Europe and all over the world. Ask about deposit amount, replacement services in case of accidents (may God forbid). 

If you are traveling with children you should request some child seats or baby seats fitting to your baby's age and weight. 
If this is your first trip to Armenia and you worry about the unfamiliar places you are planning to visit it is better to get a GPS service with multi language menu. If you have some strict budget and do not want to spend on GPS you always have an alternative option choosing portable WiFi devices. To use it more effectively you can download a map in your phone or ipad before your arrival. The WiFi device will provide you high quality internet coverage. Thus you will have some cost savings and add an extra chance to be always on line with your friends, post some new photos and etc. 

Delivery/Acceptance Process

Just after dealing with the paperwork you will be guided to your rented vehicle. To avoid any future misunderstanding or dis functions you should always take a few minutes to check the delivery acceptance protocol to make sure all the scratches and damages are indicated in it.  When renting a car in Armenia basically you will get the car with full tank of petrol, clean and requested to return it full and clean. Generally the rental agents ask their customers to return the rented vehicles clean to be able to identify the possible damages or scratches. 

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Police Tickets and Parking

There is an obligatory parking within Yerevan. To avoid any parking fines the rental companies usually charge some 2-3 USD for the whole rental period and relieve the renters' from any kind of obligations. 

It is very important that our renters know that there are a lot of Speed Limitation cameras both in Yerevan and outside. So be careful when accelerating your drive. If after rental period the car rental agency gets some police tickets they usually charge the renter for the sufficient sum and e-mail to him/her. 

We do really hope that the above presented information proves to be helpful.