Driving car in a foreign country

renting car in a foreign country

Driving is an easy way of travelling around.

Nowadays it is possible to drive in the country you visit. Car rent is a comfortable way to solve this problem.

While renting a car note that not all the roads and traffics are the same. May be you live in a country where the condition of roads is perfect and it is very comfortable to drive a mini car. But in case you travel to some far and exotic place that car will never be comfortable for you.

Driving licenses

Not all kinds of driving licenses are valid worldwide. Before renting a car make sure your driving licenses is international. In case you are a tourist the temporary international driving license will be OK, but if you are in a long business trip you may need local driving license.

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Traffic laws may be different from country to country. On one place they can be very merciful and let you go without any record, while in another you may be fined or even worse, taken to the police department.

Car accidents

We all hope that you will not be involved in an accident as a tourist. The likelihood of having one, despite all the dangers that lie out there, is still very low. But each country has different laws regarding how you must handle an accident. In some countries, the consequences for causing an accident can be quite severe, even if the accident is really minor.

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For example in some countries red light  means that you need to stop the car, while in others you can go on with your drive. In some countries quite drive is encouraged, while in others you will be speeded by all the time.

Insurance for your car

There are different kinds of insurance. It may either cover you liability, thus taking care about the work shop expenses of other party. Or it may cover everything, equalizing your liability to zero. In the most countries the insurance is compulsory and it is regulated by the government. In case you have a full coverage you will be free from taking responsibility for any kind of damage. Taking a full insurance is the best extra you can take during your car rent.


The most important thing for drivers is to find a place for parking. In Armenia all the areas that are marked with red paint, are considered to be a places for parking. On the places where you see the forbidding sign you should never park, as there is always a camera behind, and the ticket will come to you at the end of the month.

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Be careful, do not make a traffic violations and enjoy your car rent experience everywhere you go.