Road violations, tickets during car rent in Armenia

tickets during car rent in armenia yerevan

Traffic fines are the most unpleasant results of your car rent. Most people rent cars, enjoy their stay and when they go back to their country a month later they receive an email telling that during their car rental period they made traffic violations, and thus sufficient amount had been charged from them. How to deal with these stuff?

First of all before you rent a car, always read major traffic regulations and laws of the country where you are going to rent a car.

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Second. Try to find out from your rental agent where are the main spots where cameras are located, which streets are one-sided, where you can park and what is the speed limitation on highways and inside the city. Note that generally all road signs are the same in all countries.

Do not ever think that you can escape from paying traffic fine. This is a violation of law and you are fully responsible for that.

In Armenia the parking areas are not so difficult to find then in Europe, USA or Russia. Parking areas are usually marked with red color and the symbolic sum that you pay at rental desk (Approximately 2 USD) releases yourself from all the fines connected with the parking.

Top 3 traffic violations during car rent

1.       The country is new to you. You see a free place where you can park your car. Usually you ignore or want to ignore “NO PARKING” sign and park your car there. Remember even if the road police did not stop you during the violation, there is always a camera behind that will fix it, with date, place and time.

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2.       Never cross the solid line. Be attentive while changing your line. In case you make a prompt decision to change your line as you get too close to the traffic light, note that the camera will fix the moment and the sum of 5000 AMD (10 USD) will be charged form your credit card.

3.       Speed limitation violation. In Armenia you can drive 90 km per hour. But as you get closer to the residential areas you will have to slow down. The sign will warn you about the camera as you go closer to it.

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Traffic fines in Armenia arrive a month after the violation was made. The official website of road police of Armenia usually attaches both video and photo of the violation. Unfortunately there is no option for changing languages, in case you will need detailed information about your violation besides photo, video, time, date, you can get in touch with your car rent company, where you will get additional information.

Damages during the car rent

Together with traffic violations another very unpleasant result of a car rent is the damage.

While picking up the car from the company it is entirely checked by a technical specialist in your presence, the parts, where there are little cracks or marks are fixed in delivery/acceptance protocol, which you sign and take your ride.

When you drop off the car, it is checked again by a technical specialist to see whether anything is damaged or not. In case they find something on the car, the defined sum is charged from your deposit amount, which is fortunately your maximum financial responsibility.

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To avoid damages try not to speed by, do not park on a crowded places, keep enough distance from other cars during the traffic and enjoy your drive. In case you do everything right and another car causes damage, you may also fell relief as you will not take responsibility for that either.

May God forbid, but if you get into accident, try to calm down and call your rental agent. Everything will be done for minimizing your financial responsibility.

Enjoy your stay in Armenia and avoid unpleasant situations.