Car rental options during different times of year

rent car during different times of year

A car rental or car hire agency is a company that gives automobile for rent for short or long periods. Most car rental companies in Yerevan, Armenia beside car rental also offer different extra services, such as GPS, child seat. WiFi etc.
The first car rental companies appeared in early 1904 in Germany.  

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ACRISS Car Classification
When renting a car you always come across 4 capital letters and wonder what they stand for. These are ACRISS codes (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards) that help to classify car models. This describes the size, door count, transmission type (manual/automatic) and the presence of air condition.

EDMR: Economy, 4-5 doors, manual transmission, air condition.
IFAR: Intermediate, SUV, automatic transmission, air condition.

Car rental tips

There are numbers of ways to reserve a car. It can be done online, by walking into the rental agency or just a telephone call.


When you are planning your vacation abroad and want to rent a car, the first thing you do is to surf the net. Input “Car Rent” and numbers of brokers and companies will appear offering cheap deals and best experience. This is very comfortable variant if you have much time for visiting different websites and comparing the prices.

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Walkin client are mainly tourists who spontaneously decided to get a car and walk into the first car rental agency that meets them. This is a very good variant in case it is not a high season, as during the high season all cheap cars will probably be sold out and the only thing you can be offered will be luxury class car or premium class SUV. But you can still hope for the best and get the best deal during the high season. In case you plan your vacation in low season there is always a chance that you can get the best car for very reasonable and affordable price.

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Telephone call

You have surfed the net and found a desired car on the website and want to have a telephone conversation. It is a good idea, because reservations can be made even by a phone call. Give the classification of the car, the details of your passport or driving license and get your car whenever you arrive. It is always fast and easy.