How to choose a car rental company

car rental in Armenia

Finding an appropriate car rental agency is not an easy task. So be thorough in your research and do not hesitate to explore the rental companies and compare their deal packages before choosing.
Most car rental offices offer a wide range of vehicle of different sizes to suit a variety of budgets and space requirements and some additionally offer specialized vehicles to suit its location such as convertibles, prestige models, or SUVs and passenger vans.

Choosing the car rental agency

Before making a selection on a car hire, it is strongly recommended to tour several car rental companies and agencies to compare at least three with the same criteria to get clear answers. You must first ask what type of service you need: car type, budget, required insurance, the lease term, etc. Then just choose your rental agency accordingly.

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There are many very well-known car rental companies in Armenia. In recent years, the market has excessively expanded.  Starting from popular brands, finishing with local small car rental companies.
Being a small market every company does their best to stand out with both good service and affordable prices.
Being a local car rental agency we always keep up with basic standards, plus try to add outstanding service and newest vehicles to this.

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Rental agencies are not only different with qualities of services, but also in terms of price. To make your choice, you need to determine several selection criteria before launching your comparison.
Car rentals agencies vary from one country to another and from one company to another. Generally the vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was rented in, and like full tank of fuel and clean.

Good to know when choosing a car rental

1.      Always compare the prices
2.      See what extras do car rental agencies have
3.      Make sure they have good operating website
4.      Take full insurance, it is never too expensive
5.      Pay attention to when the cars were manufactured
6.      Make sure the car rental agency you chose has friendly and professional staff
7.      If the country is unfamiliar to you, who don’t you want to take a GPS.

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8.      Always exchange your national currency
9.      Make sure seats are comfortable
10.   Take SUV if you plan to travel to far regions
11.   Take compact car if you plan to stay in Yerevan
12.   Always rent a car with air condition
13.   Depending on your luggage size, reserve appropriate car to avoid inconvenience.
14.   Make reservations one month prior your arrival
15.   Enjoy your car rental experience
16.  If you plan to travel during the high season, doublcheck that the reservation in confirmed.
17.  Try not to make any road violations, as you will be fully responsible for the fines, and even after you leave, money will still be charged from your credit card
18.  Take additional driver, as you will never guess when you will need to stop driving