Insurance on Rental Cars

car rental insurance

Nowadays the increasing demand of car rental services actuates the growth of insurance necessity. Each experienced renter understands the importance of insurance and tries to make it all to be safe. But not everyone knows how to make it easier, faster, cheaper and more comfortable. At the majority of rental companies, in different locations as well as in Yerevan, rental agents will prepare all needed instead of you providing an express service in situ. This means buying insurance from your rental agency will save your time and money for sure.


The insurance policy differs depending on insurance companies and countries. But there are basic things that are general for all of them in all EU countries and especially in all international car rental agencies. These who are planning their next rentals, worthy to know.

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Now let’s make a little journey around the field of insurance in car rental industry. In order to ease the process we’ll start with most asked questions and answers to them.


  • Can I rent a car with no insurance?

 Yes, you can rent a car without having your own insurance. All rental companies provide a great variety of insurance options which cover the duration of your rental period.


  • What are the main types of insurance?

Summarized there are 4 types of coverage that rental companies may offer:


   1.   Third Party Liability 

This covers any property damage happened including medical expenses of persons in the other vehicle in case of sustained injuries. This coverage is obligatory.

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  1.  Collision damage waiver

This one stands for any damage done to the rental vehicle, both caused by a collision and the naturally way. 


  1.  Personal accident insurance

If you and people in your car incurred the personal accident insurance will take care of any medical costs.


  1.  Theft Protection

In case if your car is stolen or broken into (you lost something as a result) this type of coverage will rid you of any financial responsibility.


  • Is auto insurance mandatory?

Definitely, all vehicles MUST be insured regardless of ownership and each driver must be insured while driving. So when renting a car with unknown agencies, please take some time to make sure the car is insured.

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  • Can someone else drive my car?

For this option you should get additional driver permission. Thus you will also get insurance authorization for the second driver.  This will allow another person to drive your car. In other case (depending on Rental Company’s policy) you’ll receive penalties and moreover insurance will not work.


  • What is insurance deductible?

The amount of money you will pay in an insurance claim for expenses before the insurance coverage starts paying you is called deductible.


We hope by your next rental you’ll be fully prepared. Remember being insured is being safe!