How To Find Cheap Rent a Car Offers

car rental insurance charges

Whether you are on holiday or on a business trip, the rental car is often the easiest way to move freely. With the car rental comparators you will find a cheap rental car for the destination you are going.

Compare withdrawal points

Low cost rental companies are not always present at the airports or railway stations. So checking the price of your rental car websites before arriving would be more favorable.

Choose the cheapest fuel

Check fuel prices before hiring your car to see which is the cheapest car with gasoline or diesel. This varies depend on your destination.

Pay attention to the additional costs

Ask about additional charges when you collect information about your car hire agency. This includes filling the tank to return, cleaning the vehicle. Sometimes you have to pay a full day charges for one hour or more rental.

Check the insurance

Not taking insurance with your car hire can cost you high if something goes wrong. Make sure it is included in the price and if necessary take additional insurance or guarantee for the passengers in the vehicle, or against theft of your belongings. Indeed, for cheaper rent, it is appropriate to choose the most suitable offer.  Sometimes it is necessary to find alternative offers to get the best price / performance ratio. Rental companies located at the airports often have high operating costs. It is sometimes more profitable for the client to go on his own to a car rental agency that is not located close to the point of arrival, but the rental price is much cheaper.

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Book your car as soon as possible, prices will be cheaper and you'll most likely have the desired category. Rent your car according to your needs. Paying your rent online will cost you cheaper than at the agency. Always check the terms of the contract, the number of kilometers, the franchise price and if you take an insurance check what it covers.

Rent a diesel car only if you plan to travel a lot of kilometers. If you make 800 km, the saving on the price of diesel will not cover the increase in the rental price.

Always check the state of the vehicle places (indoor, outdoor as well as spare) before and after the restitution and require a photocopy to defend your case in litigation.

Do not keep the vehicle too dirty, the lessor may charge you the cleaning if the vehicle has pet hair or it smells too much smoking.

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The invoice can be very salty if you do not pay attention to the expenses. What are the points to get the best deal? What are the fees to look for?

Compare Car Rental Deals

Like any good stingy, the first thing to do is to compare prices. You will always find the best prices on the internet, this is the place to book. The ideal is to go through a broker, it compares all the offers and you will find the best price for you. 

Beware of supplements!

The car rental services often add additional costs. To avoid getting stuck with a bill much higher than expected, there are some details of the contract to check:

• The level of protection offered. Usually the insurance covers damage to other vehicles but only covers those of the rented vehicle that beyond a certain deductible. This is a point to look closely, because in this case we must take out insurance in addition to avoid the franchise, which will increase the cost of the rental.

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• Billing mileage: packages with unlimited mileage are scarce, now the average fee is 250 km per day. Additional kilometers are charged between 0.30 and 0.50 cents, which can very quickly put the bill.

• Equipment: equipment rental GPS type is also can go up to 30€ per day, in this case it may be better to buy.

• "driver" supplements: for young drivers you will have to pay additional fees, and for additional drivers.

• Cancellation policy: traditional rental companies charge fees if you cancel 72 or 48 hours of departure. Some brokers do not charge fees even if you cancel a few hours before.

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• Other: rentals in the station or airport are way more expensive. If one makes the car in different location than the departure it is also a charge of "abandonment" (they can range from 75 to 90 € according to the lessors). car restitution schedules are to be respected, in case of delay an extra day may be charged.

Namely: do not forget to look at the side of the codes, they are very useful to get a discount or a free additional option.