Additional driver service when renting a car

rent a car with additional driver

You rented a car but the road trip in the Armenia seems very long. You will certainly want to enjoy the scenery. Or you do not feel safe enough driving and want to share the road with another passenger. The solution is opting for "additional driver" service on your rental agreement.

Finding additional driver is very simple.

You get this service directly from the car rental agency in Yerevan with the vehicle. Just indicate to the renter you want to register one or more other drivers on the rental contract. The additional driver must be physically present. He must have a valid driving license at the time of car rental. For cons, the credit card must be the full name of the principal driver. Otherwise you will not get your rental car. Note also that sometimes the additional driver is under 25 years. It will be necessary to pay in addition to the young driver fee.

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It is very convenient to add a second driver and take in Armenia with rented car. Especially if you plan to travel long distances during your vacation. It is usually possible to notify the rental agency on website.

Often the costs of additional drivers are very different. The majority of car rental agencies charge for the second driver. For financial reasons, many customers give up yet this valuable option in terms of road safety. The government would not stir much. However, some offers already include a second driver.

When renting a vehicle, only the persons indicated on the contract are allowed to drive.

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A few weeks before the holiday departures impose second driver to car rental companies. This would be a courageous step. It is always advisable not to run the danger of driving under the pretext of saving a few euros.

Under what conditions, additional driver is not insured for rental car?

Insurance does not support if the driver who caused damage is not the one that is strictly authorized by the contract. Insurance is also considered void if the driver is the subject to a removal of driving licenses. Or maybe the consumption of drugs or alcohol was found at the time.

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Why to rent a car with additional driver?

When you book, you can add up to 3 additional drivers. You arrive at your destination more relaxed if you share the driving time with another driver. Enjoy a quiet stay by adding one or additional drivers to your rental.

When you rent a car alone the main driver is provided. So you need to add any additional driver when booking. The additional driver must accept the same terms and conditions as the main driver.