How to keep your rented car safe during your trip

rent a safe car armenia

Whether you have chosen to go on long trip in Armenia with a rented car you are taking high responsibility to keep the car safe during whole journey. Below we have prepared some useful tips to bear in mind while traveling by car.

Safe vehicle

Make sure the vehicle is properly registered, insured and tested. All the necessary repairs have to be completed before the car is driven. During pre-drive checks make sure all the passengers have seat belt, child seats for your cars suitable for work.

Safe driver

It goes without saying but the most important rule is never, ever drink while driving. Even a little amount of alcohol can have irreversible consequences. Apart of that in contrast with many European countries where a sufficient percentage of alcohol is acceptable, Armenian traffic rules do not permit this.

The same goes for driving while tired or sleepy. The fatigue is equally dangerous for accidents as alcohol. 


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Driver must have been rested before leaving. Long trips should include regular rest breaks which are very important for driver. You should not exceed 10 hour per day when driving and rest for 15 minutes every 2 hours. As it is easy to expand the speed of car on the open road, you have to be more careful to avoid accidents.

What to keep in your vehicle?

Keep the first aid kit always in your car and be careful every minute when your child is with you. You may have many delays if the road is long, so do not forget the food and the water, rubbish bags, lighter, etc.

Car condition before the trip

Before starting your trip make sure your car condition is good enough for long road. This includes also the level of fuel according to kilometers, dashboard lights, oil, water, lights, tires, battery, coolant hoses, tow bar and connections to assume that the car is in full working order.


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Be aware of the needed amount of fuel needed for your rented car, vehicle body has no damages and brakes, washer and wipers are working correctly, lights and mirrors are clean.

You have to be aware of how to control your vehicle in case it breaks down on the road, accidents as well as identify all the obstacles that can exist on that particular road if this happens.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones during driving is an offence.  You should exclude it for safe drive. However, if it is still obligatory for you, the hand-free phone usage when the car is in motion is the proper solution for you. 

The hand-free phone can also create destructions, so you should use it only in case of urgent cases and keep calls as brief as possible.

Otherwise you can stop vehicle to respond to important calls.

Mobile phones and the use of other devices are the new destruction alternatives for drinking, tuning the radio, reading the signs of billboards, changing CDs and fixing the air conditioning.

For reducing phone destruction it is required to turn off the voice of messages, the use of speed dial and installation of the phone close to eye.

For children

Ensure safety of your child is provided. They must be permanently attached for short or long trips appropriate for their age.

TravelCar advises you to be attentive when renting a car in Yerevan. Rent a car is a vital part of your travel hence to have an enjoyable travel experience it is important to make a right decision of your car hire agency.