Ideal Time for Renting a Car in Armenia!!

Best Time For Renting a Car In Armenia

If you are a lover of road trips and planning to visit unbelievably beautiful country - Armenia in the near future, then autumn is ideal season for renting a car in Armenia and riding on the most admirable places in the country is autumn.

Wonderful, fertile and abundant nature of our gorgeous country becomes even more fabulous in the autumn. Generous Armenian nature endows us with so colorful scenery and cozy atmosphere around, that staying indoors at this season will simply be a crime )))))).

Autumn is a perfect time to get out into the nature and go on a long road trip.

In addition, there are many different holidays in Armenia during this season, and as we know celebrating holidays in the most luxurious ways is in the blood of Armenian people.

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Twenty-first of September - Independence Day of Armenia. Every year on this day series of celebrations take place throughout Armenia, the most important of which becomes the parade on the Republic Square. The parade is attended by The Armenian Armed Forces and other security services - The Police, The National Security Service, Ministry of Emerge Situations, as well as the Russian Military Base of the Southern Military District. During the whole day entertaining concerts, cultural activities, free regales are being hold throughout the country, and of course the celebration ends with a fabulous firework.

On the first of October Armenian people celebrate the annual festival of wine. They organize an amazing event with a lot of wine, music and dancing. That is the event in which one should definitely take part.

Also, on the same day the Armenian nation celebrates the Day of the city of Vanadzor, the third largest city in Armenia, with a lot of sightseeing that every visitor would like to admire.

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On the sixth of October, the Armenians celebrate the Day of Dilijan. It is a city located on the river Aghstev in Tavush region. Dilijan is known throughout the world for its healing climate and famous spa resort. So, the October 6 is just a perfect day to rent a car and go on a road trip exactly to this city.

Also, in the autumn Armenians are celebrating the day of The St. Gregory The Illuminator of Armenia, The Day of Yerevan City, The anniversary of the enthronement of Garegin The Second, Catholicos of all Armenians, The Feast of the Harvest in Armenia and many many other holidays and festivals.

Thus, the autumn is the perfect time of a year to visit Armenia, to rent a car, and in a complete comfort, go to celebrate all the national holidays with hospitable Armenians, and of course, enjoy the natural beauty of Armenia in autumn.