Why you should travel to Armenia in 2016?

travel armenia in 2016

According to the report published by Skyscanner experts Armenia has been included in the top list of cheapest countries for Russians to travel in 2016 along with Georgia and Abkhazia.

Armenia has been a part of the Soviet Union for many years, and is thus a welcoming and pleasant tourist destination for the other Soviet nationals.

Armenia is geographically located at the intersection of routes between East and West. Throughout its history, it has been a permanent place of collisions between great empires of antiquity and the Middle Ages, interrupting its cultural, economic and social development for a long time, covering the ground with smoking ruins.


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Nevertheless, people have been able to resist each of the powerful invaders and remained loyal to their culture. People suffered from a lot of changes in the process, so in the national culture of Armenia are combined features of Eastern and Western cultures.

Culture of Armenia

People who travel to Armenia can feel the fusion of different cultures and civilizations. For lovers of ancient history Armenia has always remained an unread book.

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Armenia attracts many tourists as well as due to the fact that it is the first country that officially recognized Christianity as the state religion. At every step there are ancient monuments and churches with a history of typical millennia.

As the ancient people of the Armenians also made a huge contribution to the development of world culture, traces of which can be found in many countries.

The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. The city was built 2789 years ago by King Argishti, 29 years before the rise of Rome.

Capital Yerevan

Modern Yerevan is a beautiful, diverse city which has preserved its architectural peculiarities. The city has many places of entertainment, restaurants and night clubs, where you can find fine cuisine, the aroma of Armenian brandy, the unique Armenian music and where you can enjoy your evening.

Basically, the center of the economy of Armenia is Yerevan. Unfortunately the other towns and villages are not as developed. The international airport is located in Yerevan. Tourists, who are traveling to Armenia, can start their individual cognition of this beautiful and fascinating country straight from the airport. In order to successfully manage your time and be more mobile, you can rent a car in Yerevan directly from the airport in Armenia. However, as all the major arrival in Yerevan is implemented at night and the center of Yerevan is just in 15 km, you can start the journey in the morning. Yerevan morning wakes up with the first rays of the sun. You can walk through the small center of Yerevan and enjoy the morning. Yerevan is especially beautiful at night. In the central square you can see the singing fountains.

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Hotel accommodation, food and car rental costs in Yerevan are quite inexpensive. The friendly people, well-developed hotel network in Armenia, the availability of inexpensive and tasty food, cheap prices for car rental in Armenia, make our country an attractive tourist destination. Each year, the number of satisfied tourists is increasing and it gives us great pleasure.

We invite you to spend your vacation in this God-blessed country. Our whole team will be glad to help you not only with rental cars in Armenia, but also give you tips to make your trip unforgettable. After all, our goal is to welcome you again.