Choosing new or used cars

rent new or used cars

After choosing the category of your vehicle, the second question to ask is regarding the purchase price. Should you buy a new vehicle or used, or just rent a car and enjoy driving. A used vehicle is available at attractive prices. But behind the too low price are hidden possibly poor maintenance, failures and decades of use.

It's all about calculation: before investing on the first affordable vehicle, check for possible repair costs. It should not surpass prices while starting the economy. You can find available Internet tools that calculate the price of that car in real time. It's calculated according to some criteria: type of car, model, brand, vintage ... Garage owners can also bring you that information. But to make choice more accurately and be sure not to go wrong, ask the opinion of several experts!

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Maintenance bills

Buying a used car is to take the risk of paying additional repair costs. For avoiding these expenses before buying your car, there is an element to study conscientiously: maintenance bills.

So you have an overview of repairs undertaken on the vehicle and the date of completion. If the vehicle owner refuses to transmit to you, then you know what that means ...



Buying or renting a used car from a professional seems more reassuring. You will be certain that the necessary repairs were undertaken. But what about guarantees? Generally, professionals offer guarantees for failures. That said, you should pay particular attention to the duration of the guarantee and its conditions. If it concerns only a month ... you take a risk.


What are the latest developments?

Greener, more design, more comfortable: automakers seek to make family cars becoming more innovative. What are the latest trends in the family car?

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The malus

Because of their size and weight, more imposing than conventional cars, family cars consume more. Result? CO2 emissions are also increasing. The family cars are often concerned with the ecological malus. Before choosing your car, you can head to a new generation of family cars. This will not earn you environmental bonus, but you will avoid the penalty. Among them, you find major car brands such as Citroen, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen ... Cars that are fashionable, practical and relatively clean.

A reference to Ford C-Max

Following the success of the C-Max model, Ford US dealer offers winning family cars for 2011-2012. New models of family cars are more practical and with nice design. The Ford C-Max is aesthetically more successful than the previous generation. It differs from conventional minivans, while presenting a less cubic design as the leisure activity vehicle. Ergonomic family cars offers the user a new way of driving via a dashboard "futuristic": touch buttons, built-in GPS.

For children, this is not the space and comfort that are missing. This is a family car above all providing the necessary comfort ... even during long hours of driving.


Should I buy a new or used car?

With minimum two years of guarantee, a new car is synonymous with serenity. Especially as during the first 100 000 km and often beyond, no big intervention is expected, apart from the replacement of wearing parts. If you drive more than 30,000 km per year, it is better to opt for the new. It will sell before the psychological milestone of 100 000 km.

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Between 20 000 and 30 000 km per year, new or used, both options are equal. Especially since the new can always be negotiated, so that the list price is only indicative.

Finding bargains

The deal, with an agent or dealer is to buy a car already registered for several months or even a year or more, and announced as "0 km occasion." But there are two drawbacks to this type of sale for resale. It will be considered as used, second-hand (there is already a date of first registration of the certificate). And the manufacturer's warranty has already begun. On this point, it will be easier to negotiate an extended warranty from a dealer. The agent can not offer a commercial guarantee, outside the manufacturer, with a less extensive coverage. For popular models, the only way to find discounts is to target dealers demonstration cars. Or you can visit the sites of the rental companies. Many agencies sell the cars for six months or less at competitive prices and with a guarantee "never damaged."

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Used cars for rent

Manufacturers and specialized companies aim at a young audience. They are little attached to the concept of ownership and seeking a newer car that can change frequently. All is for an affordable rent.

Always constraints

As for others, the options are expensive. The insurance is often left to the discretion of the lessee. Adequate financial security must cover the total loss of the vehicle (accident, theft ...), because otherwise, in case of disaster, the rents have to be paid until maturity. In return, the rigorous monitoring and the condition of the vehicle are to encrypt capital at the lowest possible rehabilitation. Even if the seller knows that the vehicle is an opportunity. Similarly, the tenant should know his real needs in terms of distances to perform, because any excess will be billed dearly.