Renting or buying a family car

renting family car

You have just had your third child and it is time for you to buy or rent a larger car with well-equipped places for different tastes and budgets so that your little tribe could travel in peace. You will be forced to abandon the beautiful sedans to guide you to family cars. What should we consider in making the choice to make the whole family smile while traveling?

Large families know that the equation between family transportation and driving pleasure is often difficult to hold. For automakers, this has too often been synonymous with minivans without form or soul.

Family car categories

And yet, for some time, manufacturers have decided to tackle the design of these tanks to cattle to make them more desirable. The golden age of the large MPV category seems long gone; buyers and renters are oriented, even before the emergence of "crossovers" to less cumbersome and more affordable models.

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Family cars include several categories of car (compact MPV to said intermediate cars).

In Europe, we talk more about C and D segments in other words, it is:

  • compact MPV which are destined primarily for families with several children (Chevrolet Orlando, the Citroën C4 Picasso ...)
  • Family cars for transportation over longer distances of five persons, their size varies on average from 4.50 m to 4.80 m (Audi A4, Citroen C5, ...)
  • MPV that maximize the interior volume and offer 7 seats (Citroen C8, Fiat Freemont, ...)


Important points when renting or buying family car

• Comfort

Even if it's a family car, you are entitled to comfort. So do not hesitate to demand and acquire from rental agencies a vehicle that ensures maximum comfort, so that your family outings were genuine moments of pleasure.

• Space

This is the principle of even a family car. Choose your car depending on the number of family members. Choose the spacious family offering plenty of storage. You will not experience any trouble finding because such cars, manufacturers in factories numbers.

• Transport Quality

Contrary to popular belief, family cars are perfectly able to offer exceptional quality transport. Several people, who have had to use them, attest.


Is it worth to rent a family car?

The reasons to buy or rent a family car with 7 places are numerous. Let your family grows with the arrival of a new child, or you are unable to travel light or you want a dog? If you are a family of 5, it would be ideal to have a 7 seater car.

You will be able to carry the whole family to its respective occupations and render service to neighbors dropping their children along with your children.

• Advantages

Of course, the biggest advantage with a 7 seater car is that it can carry a lot of people or things. Thanks to its easily removable seats, you can safely carry ease things generally difficult to transport such as tables, dressers, your chairs. You will also have the opportunity to practice carpooling to reduce your cost.

• Disadvantages

Having a family is not always a bed of roses. If you live in town, you will have problems to park. Even if you have a parking space, it is rare that your vehicle with 7 places can keep carefree. The other downside is that family cars with 7 seats are not very aesthetic: so do not expect to make a splash in the street.

• Really handy?

While older models are not able, family cars offer ease. In a few seconds and a few clicks, you can remove, store or return the seats to their seats. Some models even give you the option to store the seats outright in the floor of the car. This saves space.

• Points to consider when buying or renting

The most important is its ergonomics. Your rented car should have plenty of storage around the cabin. This way, you can store the business of everyone. Changing the seats of the last row should not be difficult. Sliding doors will be perfect. Beyond this aspect, you can then linger on its price, mileage, the bonus malus environment, handling, etc.


Choosing your family car?

Auto wagon, MPV, SUV, crossover ... It is hard to pick against the wide choice available in the market. How to choose the car for your family?

Investing in a family car is both practical and comfortable. But facing the choice available in the market, what car model you choose?


Auto break or minivan? Crossover or SUV?

The market for family cars passed to the break model with a wide range of spacious, comfortable and practical models. In the category of family cars, you will face:

  • Auto break, the classic model with five doors. It has a spacious trunk and a rear space for three children. It is chosen for comfort.
  • The minivan, a friendly and spacious, whose layout is flexible. Families also opt for comfort.
  • The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). This is a recreational vehicle suitable for family short trips. The SUV is compact and has a sleek design and style.
  • The Crossover is a variant of the SUV. This sporty family car is all ground. Considered a recreational vehicle, it is intended for short-term trips.

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What are the key criteria to rent or purchase of a new family car while buying or renting a car , when you have three children?

To find your family car establish a list of priorities: the price is at the first line with the category of energy efficiency.

Safe free

Another key issue is the possibility of placing three child seats in the back seat to make way for safe storing equipment there. "In town with three children, he must indeed cram strollers and shopping bags.

You can also create a small hallway leading to the two rear seats in the trunk by folding the center seat and folding under the one on the right. This gives more volume to the cabin.

Top priority in the automotive choice of a growing:

- Space (number of seats, luggage)

- Price (purchase and maintenance)

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- Serviceability (seat covers, surfaces)

- Security (attachments for child seats, door locks and windows)

- Storage (pockets, bottle holders, temperate lockers)

- Outdoor visibility for children (seat height, glass roof)

- Visibility to the rear seats for driver / front passenger (additional mirror)

- Entertainment (rear speakers, DVD, USB port).