Top 5 Cars for road-trips with Family.

family raod trip in armenia

The family car can be compared to a family dinner, the preparation of which takes into account the tastes and wishes of each family member.

When choosing a car for ourselves, first and foremost, we are guided by only our demands, tastes and objectives. However, family car should combine each member’s wishes at once: speed, safety, comfort, practicality, and even space inside of the car, which is important for a large family.

 Nowadays, the choice is so wide, but try not to hurry, understand which one is the most ideal for you and your family.

 In this blog, we will advise you several cars, which are perfect for small and big families. While choosing cars for this list the main criteria was the correlation of quality and price. US analysts believe that the price category of family cars is somewhere between 18-30 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, in the European markets, the price is much higher.

We also took into the consideration the following criterias:


- The vehicle must be comfortable for an adult driver as well as the driver of an adolescent age;


- Security system should be injury protective for passengers of all ages and sizes;


- All of the cars must to be able to carry heavy loads;


- Car should be provided with easy access.


So, we are introducing you top 5 family cars, that would be definitely comfortable for you and your family.


 Suzuki Vitara.

rent in armenia suzuki vitara



This vehicle is perfect for any purpose: travel around the city and long-distance travel, dimensions of everyday life and recreation.

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 In short, Suzuki Vitara is ready for anything. It provides such features  as: air conditioning, front bucket seats, heated door mirrors, front fog lights, rear wipers, 1-touch window functionality etc. This car comfortably accommodates five passengers and it is just perfect to confederate the whole family or go on nature with friends.



Hyundai Tucson

rent car in yerevan hyundai tucson

This car is named after an American desert town, built in South Korea and styled in Germany. Hyundai Tucson is a globe-trotting go-getter. This car has a spacious interior. The two-stage clever reclining seats and plenty of legroom will allow your kids to kick back and relax.

The new 2016 Hyundai Tucson is equipped with advanced safety features, which are including Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking and Backup Warning Sensors.


The next car, which is perfect for family trips is well-known Russian car Lada Niva.

rent niva car in yerevan


It is believed that this car - a compromise between modern and conservative design.This car is ideal for companies or families to ride on the road, traveling to different remote places, fishing, hunting trips etc.

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Lada Niva is manufactured by the famous Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ. Lada cars are very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe since 1970s and 1980s.This car has a very powerful engine, enabling fast overcoming obstacles. Back seats of this car are folding making an utility for your transport, which is extremely convenient when travelling.



Mercedes Vito

renting mercedes armenia

The Mercedes Vito is a high quality product. It is extra-symmetrical in a fundamental form, and the clear structure of the car is created for your maximum safety. The huge space of the car allows both the driver and all the passengers to sit comfortably in the car.

That’s a great choice if you prioritize refinement, comfort, technology and a general classy feel. Its practical features and raw capacity are designed to make your family trips super-comfortable and safe.


The next car we are going to introduce you is Toyota Prado

rent toyota prado yerevan



Toyota Prado stands out with its elegant contours, chrome elements and a large selection of alloy wheels.

This car is a large SUV-type wagon with a comfortable seven-seat cabin. Toyota Prado is pretty roomy, that is amazing for you and your kids to relax have a convenient drive through the country. Plus it has a huge luggage area.

The Toyota Prado is not only very comfortable as an everyday family car, but also it is one of the best choices for long off-road trips.

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Travel with the whole family has never been so stylish. Impressive premium design, easy and flexible configuration to suit your lifestyle, the luxury of materials and advanced security systems.

The perfect combination of price and quality.


We introduced you top 5 family cars, and we hope that we participated in your choice and made it obviously easier.

We wish you a happy journey and a safe ride with your family.

Don’t forget to smile more!))