How to choose a right car type for buying or renting

right car type to rent

Today we decided to show you the characteristics and advantages in terms of reliability and range of the vehicle that are grouped into classes: compact cars, sedans, crossovers, SUVs, pickups and minivans. We offer you the guide of vehicles, which is carried out by our experts. The following information will help you make your choice more carefully when buying or renting a car. With the help of our data of reliability of cars, each of you will be able to choose what to rent or buy.

The crossover

If writing very briefly the formula crossover, it is a high seating with a solid image (although there is a matter of taste) and some gain in practicality causing a substantial increase in cost. You will make a choice based on a little background information.

If you are thinking about the crossover, then ask yourself one question: How often do you plan to travel out of the city in the winter?

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Perhaps the winter and spring country roads are the only circumstances in which really makes sense to choose this car. High car needs regular trips on unpeeled road in winter. In the city in the period from April to November the crossover has no advantage over conventional cars.

Crossover is a product of marketers, not designers. It looks like a SUV but is built on the passenger platform, has, as a rule, weak engine, a couple of centimeters raised body (clearance - 180-190 mm to 140-160 mm for passenger cars). The AWD system is usually flawed and in fact gives little benefit in the mire. The cost in this case is 20-30% higher than that of passenger cars with the same qualities.

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It should be borne in mind that the Camry is not only more dynamic, but also more comfortable and quiet. Plenty of space for passengers in the second row, which is more than in the compact crossover.

Do you want to experiment by comparing them? We strongly recommend directory. There is a very topical (though not without minor errors) function as well as you can compare the average prices.


There are 6 types of sedans.

Club sedans

Club sedans are small cars with short roof and small cabin. The first club sedans appeared in The USA in 1920s.

Notchback sedans

A notchback sedan is a three-box sedan, where the passenger volume is clearly different from the trunk volume of the vehicle.

Fastback sedans

A fastback sedan is a two-box sedan, which does not have a hatchback feature.This design is chosen for its aerodynamic advantages. But now the car manufacturers do not do this type of sedans due to non-economic fuel consumption..

Hardtop sedans

Hardtop sedans are famous for the glasses without frames. This type of sedans were very popular durig 1960s and 1970s.

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Hatchback sedans

Hatchback sedans are very popular nowadays. The entire part of the back part of the car lifts up and it serves a track.  Very often in the specification you can see there 4 or 5 doors. The back part of the car is counted as a door.

Chauffeured sedans

These cars usually are not casual cars. In case you want these cars, you will need a professional driver. The most famous type of chauffeured sedans is limousine.

Lincoln Town Car, may also be stretched into limousines that are capable of seating up to twenty people.


First of all, what is the difference between the SUV and crossover? I will cite a few distinctive features for that you do not get confused:

- Ground clearance for more than 200 mm

- Frame body structure

- Engine with high torque, it is desirable a turbodiesel

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- Short overhangs in the front and in the back

- Permanent or hard-wheel drive

- Reduction gearing in the transfer case

- Lock of the center differential and sometimes of cross-axle differentials

The SUV is needed only for outings in the nature. And not in the country, but in the forest, steppe, tundra, and so on where the roads are very poor or don’t exist at all. In other cases, the purchase of an SUV is a waste of money.

People like SUVs for their brutality. Well, if you're one of them, then your will take it and enjoy. But keep in mind that the cost of a cheap and relatively unpretentious SUV is comparable with the price of not usual (as Toyota Camry) but the premium business sedan.


Again, if you try to briefly describe the essence of the minivan, it's the same crossover but without ambitions of SUV. On some models the ground clearance is too small, for example, on the second-generation Renault Scenic and Citroen C4 Picasso last generation it is 120 mm. But there are plenty of models where the clearance is not too small: 140 mm at the Ford C-Max, 145 mm at the Toyota Verso, 160 mm at the Opel Zafira C and 167 mm at the Kia Carnival. The list goes on.

What is a bonus of minivans? Plenty of space in the cabin, usually a lot of options of transformation of interior (rear seats can be folded down in parts) and all sorts of bells and whistles like tables, cup holders, boxes, and similar details. It has a "bus" landing, when you have a huge windshield and high chair located.

Of the minuses at them is the lack of aggressive image of the notorious "Jeep" and all-wheel drive (although many Japanese models of minivans are still available).

So if you do not suffer from an inferiority complex, you do not want to appear on the road scary (although it is generally difficult to imagine a person who is afraid of Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V), plus you often carry any passengers, look at the minivan.

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Sports car

Sport coupes, convertibles and other attractive machines need to be bought as a second car in the family. Or be prepared to often leave it at home, to go out of town.

Ground clearance is 100 mm. In addition, people do not buy cars with a sporty character in order to drive them to church on Sundays. Their motors and boxes are being mercilessly tortured. And it is good if you take any trusted "Japanese" like the Toyota Supra with "eternal" 3-liter engine 2JZ-GTE...

Alas, the examples of reliable sport cars are few. This car is not for every day, and not for a great run. It is believed that they are bought by those who have money to repair, and they are willing to pay a high price for power. Search for sports car in good condition may take for a long time.

What to choose: sedan or hatchback?

So you realize that for everyday urban use you need an ordinary passenger car. For good! Let's choose the body.

But first it is necessary to determine the definitions:

- Sedan - is when the trunk is separated from the back seat interior, quite a long rear overhang

- Hatchback - is when the trunk is a single space with lounge, plus a shorter rear overhang, compared with the sedan

- Liftback - also a single space interior and trunk, plus a long rear overhang as the sedan.

What to choose - it is, in fact, a matter of taste. Most of trunk space (usually) has liftbek, least of all is in hatchback and sedan is somewhere in the middle. Sedan, besides his notorious "prestige" has another important property. Smaller openings into the street are from the cabin, which means a little better noise insulation. And when opening / closing trunk in winter in the sedan, it is not blowing cold air.


It is believed that the most practical body is a wagon. But you hardly often need its cargo capabilities. When regularly moving from one rented apartment to another, and therefore driving all the furniture, washing machines and so on it will be useful. The roof rack solves all problems.

Of course, there are situations when it is convenient: it can bring a bunch of junk from the country.

But wagons have three significant drawbacks. First, as in the hatchback / liftback in the winter it is uncomfortable to open-close the back door, and insulation is worse. Secondly, a large volume interior is slowly warmed. Third, the wagon is more difficult to sell.