Requirements and tips for renting a car abroad

renting a car in foreign country

Are you planning to spend your vacation abroad? Renting a car in foreign country seems to be something complicated, than renting it at home. But nothing is complicated if you choose a right company.

If you are an American citizen and you are travelling to non-English speaking country, then you will need international driving permit, as your license is not recognized in many countries. Before renting a car you should always get familiarized with local road rules (basically they are the same for the most of the countries), but all cases if you are in a foreign country you have to obey road laws, for avoiding unexpected traffic fines.

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Difficulties when renting a car

One of the most common problems nowadays is finding places for parking. You must always check, whether car rental agency offers free parking or not, if no then you will have to reorganize your budget.
In general, most rental car agencies in Yerevan offer similar vehicles in different classifications. The number of classifications has been increased during the previous 20 years. Besides popular, economic and mini models, day by day more and more travelers rent elite class SUVs for more comfortable journey.

Which car you have chosen?

In case you go long distance, thus spend a lot of time in car, it is very important to choose comfortable car, as for long ways SUVs are always preferred.
The earlier you determine what car you need, the more flexibility you will have, when choosing the best deal.

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You always want to get the best bargain for the money that you will be spending. We advise to choose no less than three rental companies and compare the cost and the services they offer. In case you choose the cheapest variant, make sure the cars are new, and rental price does not include any hidden charges.

Rental agencies charge less for driving more.

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When comparing car rental companies always see how much will be the discount for renting more than 3 days.