International Driving Permit for Renting a Car

idp renting vehicle

If you are planning to go abroad for a fixed period, for tourism or business trip you might want to rent a car to explore the area. Some countries require you to have, in addition to your national driving permit, an International Driving Permit (IDP) to take the wheel in their territory. The international driving permit can be useful or even essential if you want to drive or rent a car.


What is an international driving permit?

The IDP is primarily the official translation of your driving license into ten languages, giving you advantage of driving a car worldwide. If necessary, it facilitates communication, particularly during a police check in places where agents do not understand your language.

Valid for 12 months, the IDP shows the categories of vehicles for which your permit is valid. It thus constitutes another ID. Attention, it cannot replace the passport and must absolutely be accompanied by your real permit.

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Anyone 18 or older who holds a valid permit issued by the country of residence may acquire an IDP.

Want to know if the place you go you require IDP? Contact a travel consultant. IDP is acceptable for Armenia. So you can easily rent a car in Armenia by having it.


Exactly in which countries do I need an international permit?

To find out, consult the information on your destination country on the Foreign Ministry website.

But if you plan to drive outside of Europe, we recommend you to bring a principle of international driving permit, especially since it is readily available and free.


How to proceed for an international driving permit?

Make your application imperatively before departure. On site, you will be unable to apply for it to your consulate or embassy for example.

Ask your international driving permit in your province, your sub-prefecture or, the office of the driving permit of the police headquarters. Some councils are authorized to process permit applications for international driving but it is better to check first with your prefecture.

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Your application must be completed and include a two-sided color copy of your valid driving permit, 2 passport photos, a color photocopy of your identity card or your passport, proof of address and a stamped envelope with acknowledgment of receipt if you make your approach by correspondence. Have with you cash, debit card, credit card.


How much time should you expect to get international driving permit?

It depends on the department in which you live. In all cases, make your request sufficiently in advance of your departure (one to two months if possible).

How long is valid the International permit?

The international driving permit is valid for 3 years and must be presented in addition to your country’s driving permit.

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The international permit is renewable after 3 years, you will have to provide new all documents requested in the initial approach, complementing the international expired permit.

How much does the International permit cost?

The international permit is free, it would be a shame to miss!