Where are the Best Places to Park in Yerevan?

parking in yerevan

The perfect way to delve into Armenia is by renting a car. It gives you a great choice and freedom to take your time and really fine tune your itinerary. However, parking is going to take a focal part during your trip. 
Here you will find tips on parking in Yerevan and how to get away from parking penalties. 

Parking in Yerevan

Many paid areas for parking exist in Yerevan. If you spot red-marked sidelines on the street, it means that there are paid parking areas. So make sure to do the parking within the red-marked lines. For the initial 15 minutes, parking is at no extra cost. 15 minutes later you must do the payment to avoid any fines.

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Parking overtime

You have cost free parking starting from midnight until 9 AM around the city. Just be aware to pick your car out of the red-marked lineages not later than 9AM in case you did it at night. If not, you will be fined maximum 5000 AMD (10$).


If you want to pay for parking, there are different options: hourly, daily, monthly and yearly. The rates are the following:

  • 1 hour or less: 100 AMD (0.210$) 
  • Whole day: 500 AMD (1$) 
  • One week: 1000 AMD (2$)
  • One month: 2000 AMD (4$)
  • One year: 12000 AMD (25$)

If you plan to drive around the city much, that will be a wise decision to buy the parking tickets for one month or one year. 
For additional information about parking, visit Parking City Service’s website  www.pcs.am or call 00374 60 606 606.

Parking in Yerevan: methods of payment

The methods of payments are the following:

  1.   You can pay in cash using terminals such as Telcell or MegaPay (200 AMD (0.4$) charge for the service))
  2. You can pay using popular mobile applications such as iDRAM, Mobidram
  3. You can pay via bank services (account number 900015211593) specifying your license plate number in the field ‘’Aim’’
  4.  You can pay electronically like ArCA, Virtual ArCA, MasterCard, IDRAM
  5.  You can do the payment using SMS with the steps mentioned below: 

For one hour - Message “00xx000” (license plate) to 1045
For one day -  Message “00xx000” (license plate) to 5045

Payment terms

It is also possible to pay off via mobile phone. A text will be sent to your phone which indicates that the time has started. Within 5 minutes you are going to get a text which notifies you of the deadline.
When choosing the yearly parking package, be aware that it is in force till the 31st of December. 

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