Car Rental Guide for Italian People to Travel in Armenia

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It is not a secret that Armenian and Italian people have many similarities - they look alike, behave similarly, both nationalities are having a high temper and a long history very often crossing with each other. Italians as Armenians are too emotional and hot-blooded. Both nations tend to speak with gestures, in a very loud voice. Plus Italian customs and traditions are really similar to Armenian consuetude.

 Armenia is one of the top destinations Italians like to travel to. Armenian people meet Italian guests with open arms. And it is not only traditions, mentality, appearance and manners that Armenians are alike with Italians, but also laws, driving rules, car tastes and rental policies. 

 As renting a car is the number one task in most of the traveller’s “To Do List” in this article we will try to define the differences between Armenian and Italian car rental markets and give Italian travellers some tips on renting a car in Armenia

 There is no doubt that at least once you’ve heard that drivers in Italian roads are crazy, so it might seem pretty dangerous to rent a car in Italy and share the roads with that crazy drivers. But wait what did you expect from the country that’s given the world Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati?

 However when travelling to a new country getting your own rented car and not relying on a public transport is really important, no matter you are in Armenia, Italy or anywhere else.


 Tips on car rental in Armenia and in Italy

 Here we present the most useful tips on car rental in Armenia and in Italy:

  • Tip number one for both countries! BOOK BEFOREHAND! Don't wait until you're over the car rental office to rent a vehicle. It is invariably cheaper and easier to book a car through the website, when you are at home, sitting in your chair and drinking some coffee. No rental agent will pursue you to rent an expensive car you do not really need. You will be able to take your time, to think, to count, and to make the right decision without any rush.
  • Do not rent more than you need! It refers to both - the car you’ll need to discover the area and the time you’ll need the car. Try to rent for as short period as possible. If you are going to stay in Rome for example for several days and then to drive somewhere else, you will not really need the car for the whole period, as it is really difficult to drive in Rome. In Yerevan the traffic is comparably easier, but if it is your first time in Armenia or in Italy, we advise to use the chauffeur service for both countries, as the local drivers are better drivers and for sure it is easier for them to drive in the city they perfectly know rather for the foreigner, who visits the country for the first time.
  •  If you can drive manual then choose the car with a manual transmission. It is always cheaper than the cars with automatic transmission, plus it gives better gas mileage. 
  • Always follow the driving rules of the country! The fact that everybody else speeds in Italy doesn't mean that you should speed too. You need to drive very cautiously and follow the rules, no matter what. 
  • Before renting always pay attention to the working hours of the car rental office. If you are a traveller you are probably used to 24/7 hours but in Armenia as well as in Italy, holidays, sundays and non working hours are often extra charged. Always ask the rental agent for the instructions on what you need to do if you want to drop off the rented car late at night or very early in the morning when they are closed. 
  • Before driving make sure that the petrol tank is full. As the car rental companies in Armenia and in Italy are usually providing the vehicle with a full tank and requesting the same when you drop off the car. So, ask about it if you don’t want to pay for the missing liters of petrol more than you need to.
  • Try to get acquainted with all the additional services Italian and Armenian companies offer. Many of them can be really useful for you. GPS navigation or a portable Wi-Fi may really make the trip much easier and comfortable.
  • Find as much information about insurance as possible. If you can afford a full insurance package, we recommend to take it. As with full insurance you will be totally free from any financial responsibilities in both countries.
  • Always! Always! Always ask in details about the deposit amount. Ask when will it come back to your credit card and which are the cases that are not considered as insurance cases. Also good news for Italian travelers in Armenia! In contrast with the franchise rules in Italy, where even the single scratch on the rented car will be charged as a full amount of deposit, in Armenia that system is not working. The rental company will charge only the price for the repairment of the vehicle, not more. But anyway, using the full insurance package seems to be the most convenient option in both countries.
  • Read more articles and blogs about car rentals in Armenia. Find some related forums and read the feedbacks of other people who travelled to Armenia.

 Here you can find a nice video created by an Italian guy - Francesco, who was travelling around Armenia in 2013. 

 Francesco says:  "While traveling around Armenia - I always took videos with my little HD camera, I was trying to seize all the beauty that I saw around me, as Armenia is a really amazing country. Later I decided to make a longer video to send it to my friends and family, in order to let them know where I am and what I am doing. While editing, I found out that this video could also be a nice info about Armenia and the experience of traveling in it. So I've decided to share it with you. I think it is also a way to show my gratitude to Armenia - a country that has been kindly hosting me for three months. Hope you like it!"