Car rental guide for UK

 UK car rental market is one of the most advanced and highly developed car rental systems and it is the third largest car rental market in the European region. 

 The UK car rental market demand can be divided into long-term and short-term requirements. Short-term rentals are the most popular ones. The duration of short term car rental is considered to be from one to thirty days, whereas long term car rental ranges from a thirty days period to six months. 

64% of the population of the UK uses a car to travel and 68% of the active population goes to work with a vehicle, in total, there are more than 32 million vehicles are on the road for a population of 63 million people. 

Rules Of The Road - Differences Between The UK and Armenia

  The rules of the road are comparably similar in the UK and the Armenian Republic, there is only one outstanding thing you need to be aware of: Side Of The Road - if you are a British, you must have been used to driving on the left side of the road. Oooops.. In Armenia it is right-sided road movement. That means you should be prepared for some disorientation, actually most travellers from the UK have some problems adjusting to it. Here we offer to choose the chauffeur service. In advantage you will be totally relaxed while your journey. Professional chauffeur will drive you through the roads and paths of Armenia, while you will be sitting in the comfortable backseat, watching the beautiful nature of Armenia from the window of the safest new branded car.

Extra Services and Equipment

 Chauffeur service is not the only service that can be useful for the tourists from the UK while travelling in Armenia, make sure you are well enough informed about all the extra services and equipment rental agency offers. Take the portable Wi-Fi to keep in touch with friends and family during the whole trip, ask for the experienced English speaking guide to tell you all the interesting facts about the places you visit. 
 In case if you did not choose the chauffeur service, make sure you are provided with a good GPS navigation system and you will never be lost in an unknown country. 

Tips for Booking a Rental Car for The UK travelers

 The truth is you should have been booked your rental car looong before your arrival to the country. Do not be lazy and spend some time making a survey on Armenian car rental market while you’re still in The UK. Read some forums, find articles about car hire in Armenia, try to make some calls or chat with rental agents via emails. Ask about insurance, franchise, read terms and conditions and BOOK! Book your car online and the employee of the chosen agency will meet you at the airport as soon as you arrive and will guide you to the rented car, so you will not have an issue of getting to the hotel or wherever you wanna go. It is always better to prepare rather than repair!

 No matter what is the purpose of your visit, we are totally sure that you will like being in Armenia. 
 We are waiting for you! Visit Armenia - MAKE YOUR JOURNEY BETTER!