Process of Renting a Car from TravelCar

TravelCar as one of the leading rental companies, firmly adheres the principles of satisfying it's consumers in both service and quality. That’s why all the process of renting from TravelCar is developed as easy and quick as possible.

A few steps and you've already hired a car!


  • Step 1

Making a Reservation

If you are planning your next rental, the best option to secure your car is just booking on line going to By the way always check out our special offers, since you may find something worthy to your needs.

For placing an online reservation, you just need to indicate the pickup and drop off time/location and choose the vehicle you need.

If you are flying in to the airport and you have your flight number, it is always better to indicate this information.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?


  • Step 2

Reservation Confirmation

 After placing your reservation you will receive a confirmation email from the reservation department. They will also request your passport and driving license information to provide you an express service.

We care about your time!


  • Step 3

Review of the Agreement

Agreements should be carefully reviewed before taking the keys to the rental car in order to check nuances, such as when the car must be returned, any grace periods, and additional fees that may be incurred.


  • Step 4

Insurance Review

Insurance is one of the most important parts of the rental. Before signing the agreement Enterprise agents will show you one more time what insurance type you have chosen and will explain what exactly it covers. So you will be sure if everything is as you want.


  • Step 5

Accept the Keys

When the contract is signed, one of agents will lead you to your car. With the help of him you'll be shown the car, together you will check it and after that the keys are yours!



We are waiting for you, with love and respect your TravelCar!