Renting a Car in Armenia - Everything You Need to Know

Renting a Car in Armenia

In order to discover Armenia at your own pace, hiring a car is the ideal solution. When you have a car at your disposal, you do not depend on the interests and itineraries of group tours. You have more independence to plan your schedule and make changes whenever you want.
Hiring a car with Travelcar is very simple. You just need to get to know our fleet options, hiring prices and deals, get some tips for your travel itinerary from TravelCar desk and head out.
Here are some tips that may help you when hiring a vehicle!

Tip 1: Online car rental

On our webpage, you will find necessary information on special deals, wide selection of cars for your choice, rates and terms of rental. After doing some research, you can choose the car that suits your needs. You can also make a reservation via phone or sending us an email.

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Tip 2: Choosing an exact car for your trip

Selecting a specific type of car is mostly connected with the purpose of your trip. If you want to travel to Armenia and visit not only the capital city Yerevan, but also the regions, it would be ideal to rent economy or budget cars. With the economy or budget cars, you save money fuel, and it is easier to park and escape from traffic. When it comes to travelling with family, friends or work colleagues, the best choice is hiring minivans. They are specially designed for group journeys. When going outside the city, it will be a good idea to choose SUVs.

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Tip3: Renting conditions and requirements

When hiring a car in Armenia, keep in mind to get familiar with these necessary requirements beforehand.

  • Driving in Armenia with foreign license. An identification card and driving permit is required. The period of validity should be less than a year. The information of the driver’s permit must be written in Latin letters, and the driver should be less than 21 y/o to be able to drive a car.
  •  Travelcar offers you various insurance packages such as TPl (Third Party Liability) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). When travelling to a new country you are not aware of traffic rules, driving offences, sometimes, incidents or car damages may occur. Hence, insurance can help you avoid certain charges.
  •  Yerevan is full of red-lined parking lots. Be watchful as when parking there for more than 15 minutes, otherwise you will be fined.
  • Return the car in the same condition the way you took it, and not later than the specified date/time in the agreement, to avoid additional charges.

Roads in Armenia

On the whole, roads in Armenia are well-paved, asphalted and safe for drivers. However, if you plan to go to the countryside, SUVs are ideal for off road trips as they are more comfortable and suitable for the climate. Rent a car in Yerevan with Travelcar and head to explore Armenia.