Car Rental Guide for Poland

car rental guide for poland

Armenia and Poland have many similarities in the history, also it’s important that many Polish historical figures had Armenian origins and many of Armenians had lived in Poland. Let us know a bit more about Poland.

Poland is one of the most beautiful and crucial countries in the history of Europe. Travelling there by car is the best way to develop it, so we advise to rent a car and start your trip, but while admiring the country don’t forget a number of basic rules of road:

  •  Like in Armenia, in Poland the road movement is also right-sided.
  •  On the roads the following speed limits apply

                    - 20 km/h on the inner roads of residential buildings

                    - 50 km/h in localities

                    - 90 km/h out of localities

                    - 110 km/h on high-speed roads with two-way traffic

                    - 130 km/h on the freeways.

  •  You can park the car only in permitted places. At the same time, you need to make sure that you need to pay for parking. Some places are equipped with parking meters. The lack of payment is punishable by a fine.
  •  For children under 12 y/o the child seat must be used. All adults in the car must wear seat belts. Each vehicle on Polish roads must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and an emergency stop sign.



Car rental process in Poland

The standards of car rental in Poland is the same as in other European countries. In
order to manage renting easily you should:

- book a car beforehand

- be completely aware about all the terms of your insurance

- pay attention to the working hours of the car rental office

- follow driving rules of the country



Top 8 things that will surprise you in Poland


The famous Polish adage «podróże kształcą» (“travelling teaches”) is the absolute reflection of truth! Travelling really broaden our mind,introduce us to different culture and traditions. According to tourists and visitors of Poland here we have 8 top points that will catch your attention.


1. Public Transport

In Poland all the buses are clean and, what’s really important, always come on time. Moreover, there are schedules at the stops that tell not only the time your bus will come but also the exact time when you will leave at the stop you want. In many vehicles there is a special descending stair that allows to enter passengers on wheelchairs. Very often drivers get off the bus and help that kind of passengers to get in it. In the big cities night buses also are working.

2. Politeness “Proshe Pani”

Polish people have their specific norms of polite communication. It is evident especially in markets and shops. All the faces are smiling and starting greeting each other with the words «Dzień dobry, proszę Pani/ Pana...».Wishing a good day and giving complements they keep their positive mood during all the day.


3. Sweet Daddies

Nearly in every park in Poland you can come across to a cutest scenery, when young parents with their babies are walking together. And the fact that Polish Dads are as “skilled” as Moms use to be will impress you much more! In 2010, they even passed a law according to which young daddies after the birth of a child can take a two-week vacation. The family can also choose who will go to the annual maternity leave: father or mother?


4. Sense of Humor

Poles are known for their unique sense of humor. They joke about politicians, foreigners, historical figures, about everyone and everything. In addition to this they like to laugh at themselves.If you are in their joyful company you certainly won’t get bored!


5. Reactive citizens

The Polish people are always ready to resist in response to pressure. This national trait in its time greatly contributed the fall of communist rights. In addition, today the Poles financially support the inhabitants of countries which are in war or those who are affected by natural disasters. According to the website, there are about 120 thousand non-governmental organizations in Poland. Each of them is looking for funds for different needs: helping sick children, homeless animals, lonely pensioners, protecting the environment.


6. Monumental Churches

It is cost to travel to Poland to admire the wonderful temples, cathedrals, monasteries, and chapels. Monumental and beautiful,perfectly preserved, covered with legends, from medieval to modern.


7. Tasty and inexpensive food

Besides loving to eat tasty Poles are grandiose cooks! Looking at their holiday table setting with variety of delicious food, one can easily compare it with art masterpiece.The menu includes several varieties of fish,meat delicacies and,of course,what a treat without the famous Polish sweets!


8. Patriotism

Every citizen of Poland Republic is proud of his roots. From generation to generation, each of them conveys stories about ancestors, hangs white-red flags on balconies on the occasion of state holidays and aren’t shy of tears of happiness when their athletes win at international competitions. Perhaps due to these feelings this people preserved themselves and survived all wars.