Popular Winter Resort in Armenia –Tsaghkadzor


No matter what period you arrive in Armenia, you will always find yourself being amazed by its eye-catching natural and cultural attractions. In summer, you will have the luxury of swimming in Lake Sevan, the blue gem in the country, hiding in the coolest spots of Dilijan or wandering in the capital of Yerevan. However, if you have lost the chance of visiting Armenia in summer or in any other season, don’t you worry, winter is coming and as usual, it brings its breathtaking views and activities, which will warm you even in the coldest time. 

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Now, when you are here, you wonder where to go. Ask a local and Tsaghkadzor will rank in the top 5 places for winter activities in Armenia. There are a bunch of reasons to consider this place as a must-visit destination when you are in Armenia. Let’s try exploring the list individually.

1. Tsaghkadzor ski resort

Tsaghkadzor ski resort can ensure unforgettable winter holidays in Armenia . It has always been attractive, even during the Soviet times, Tsaghakdzor ski resort has been the favorite for everyone interested in this type of rest along with sports activities. The reasons are diverse such as the convenience and proximity, as well as the favorable climate conditions in the region. 

The average temperature during the winter is -6°C (F) and the skiing period starts from November lasting till mid-April. The skiing trails start at the height of 1966m, and this is a fantastic spot for all action sports lovers. In fact, the resort is not limited to providing the best conditions for only professionals, but if you are a beginner eager to learn skiing, this is a perfect match for you.

Many athletes come to Tsaghkadzor for training, and they always come back for more, because they confess that practicing in Tsaghkadzor provides a great experience. Also, if you are a beginner, highly qualified instructors conduct trainings, which cost around 10.000-15.000 AMD (approx. 21-32 USD).

2. Ropeways 

Another great reason to visit Tsaghkadzor is ropeways. You can’t simply go there without having this adventurous experience. Even though there are many other ropeways in Armenia, Tsaghkadzor ropeway is standing out from others. Once on the seat, you will witness the spectacular view of Teghanis Mountain
There are two ropeways from the start of the ski trail mentioned above, and the height is 2230m. The estimated timeline for crossing the length is 7-8 minutes. Two other ropeways belong to the second stage of the lift and have 1388 and 926m length. Unlike the first ropeway, it will take 12-14 minutes to pass one way. But there is yet another one to come: the longest and fastest ropeway with 1624m length. There are all the necessary facilities and centers to feel comfortable including medical centers, food points, parking, etc.

3. Tsaghkadzor Zipline 

What else can be so enchanting rather than watching the winter miraculous view from the sky? Tsaghkadzor is also famous for its zipline, which is working every day in all seasons and costs 10.000 AMD ($21). This is a great opportunity for those who are adrenaline lovers and want to make their vacation more memorable. It’s another attraction, which makes winter tourism so astonishing in Armenia. 

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4. Entertainment centers in Tsaghkadzor

After having so many active hours, at the end of the day you may want to spend some time in cafes, drinking hot tea or coffee, or try some traditional food in restaurants right in Tsaghkadzor city. You will have no shortage of entertainment centers, such as pubs, casinos or bars.

5. Cultural Sites

Apart from skiing and enjoying the natural beauties of Tsaghkadzor, you can even breath the history with some visits to cultural monuments, such as the “Kecharis” monastery. This complex was built early in the medieval times, nearly the 1050s. 
This monastery has 4 churches along with many cross-stones and courtyard, where you can walk and sum up the thoughts. 
You can also visit the monument of Leonid Yengibarov, who was a great Armenian actor and clown during the soviet times. 

So, what else do you need for a complete holiday - to enjoy all the attractions, breathtaking landscapes and man-made beauty in one place. Perhaps, renting a car with TravelCar. You can choose from different vehicle types, that are well equipped for winter roads. If you want to further explore Armenia and visit remote locations, an SUV is recommended for challenging and muddy roads.