5 tips to Travel to Armenia in Winter

Renting a Car in Armenia

Armenia is a marvelous country with a rich history, stunning nature, and most importantly hospitable people. Armenia is a destination you can visit at any season, but every season has its distinctive features. Now we are in the middle of winter-time and you must plan your trip well before your arrival. You should decide the things you want to do in Armenia during the winter and the outstanding winter activities you want to be involved in, because winter is the best time to visit Armenia for snow. Imagine mountains, hills and resorts covered with thick layer of the snow, which will ensure the best skiing experience, if you are the ski-lover, of course.

In any case, it will be useful to know the most important tips to spend your time and get the best out of winter in Armenia. Here we go.


Armenia doesn't have such severe winters such as in Russia or Canada, but still, winters are quite cold and snowy in Armenia. However, if you are staying in Yerevan, you don't need to worry. The average temperature in the capital city is from +2 to -10 °C. This means that a simple puffer jacket, warm boots, and a beanie will be enough. But if you're an adventurer and want to explore all the sides of Armenia, especially the north, you will need as many layers of clothing as possible.

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While being in Yerevan you won't have a problem in communicating with people, since most of the population in Armenia has good knowledge of Russian, and the younger generation also speaks English. In the countryside, however, you might have some trouble communicating because of the language barrier. But Armenian people are very friendly, and tourists are warmly welcomed and honored. Even, if they don’t speak your language, you will find yourself easily interacting and communicating with gestures with the locals on the countryside.

Try Armenian Winter Dishes

Armenian cuisine stands out for its delicious dishes; so delicious that hardly can anyone resist. Armenian cuisine is diverse and you will surely find something that will satisfy your palate. Nevertheless, Armenian cuisine comprises such dishes that suit winter in particular. The list of those dishes is topped by “khash” and “spas”, both of them are types of soup, Khash is cooked for hours; the main ingredient is beef feet. This may look unusual, but after tasting it you won't regret. Spas is a vegetarian dish. It is made of a mixture of matzoon (a milk product, resembles sour cream), flour, egg, salt, cracked wheat, and greens. Sometimes, Armenians can '' drink'' spas to get warm in cold weather. Those are not only national dishes, but they have traditional and cultural aspects behind: sitting with families at the table, having long conversations and listening to old grandpa’s stories from the past. They fill the home with a bunch of love and warmth.

Winter traditions and holidays

If you want to make your vacation way more interesting, don't miss the Armenian winter traditions and holidays. ''Santa run'' has become a tradition in many countries, including Armenia. A lot of people dress up like Santa and run to raise money for charity and of course enjoy winter and foster a healthy lifestyle. The next amusing tradition is the pomegranate blessing ceremony in Echmiadzin. Pomegranate is one of the symbols of Armenia, and Echmiadzin is the cathedral church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is located not far from Yerevan and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So you can kill two rabbits with one stone – be present at the ceremony and see one of the masterpieces of Armenian architecture.

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The roads here are mainly drivable, especially the highways. But still, there are some remote sites that are difficult to reach. You need to make sure that your car is capable of driving on mountainous roads when you make the arrangements for your winter tours in Armenia.

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If you want to have a comfortable trip you are can rent a vehicle from TravelCar, allowing you to explore Armenia and visit remote locations. Particularly, an SUV is recommended for challenging and muddy roads.

What else, maybe a positive mood and energy to enjoy the winter dreamland Armenia.