48 Hours in Yerevan. Express travel tips


48 hours is not enough for the best things to see in Armenia, but here are some places to go in Yerevan (or near locations) and things to do in Armenia for 2 days to help you experience the amazing attractions of Armenia and its colorful atmosphere.

Day One

To spend the time more productively, you can rent a car from Yerevan airport and start your short trip right from there.

10:00am- Indeed, there are so many places to go in Yerevan, but to start with you should go to Erebuni Historical-Archeological Museum-Reserve. The latter is situated on the slope of the hill Arin Berd, whereas the debrises of the Urartian city-fortress Erebuni is on the brow of the hill.

11:30am- to taste the smell of Armenia you should visit Ararat Brandy Museum. The factory was founded in 1888 and in 1900 in Paris the brandy received the legal right to be called cognac and the Grand-Prix after the blind degustation. Here you can taste different types of cognac and have a walk around the factory.

13pm- lunch break in welcoming and cozy restaurants or cafés in Yerevan. The food is really amazing, and tourists always favor the amazing Armenian cuisine and delicious food in the restaurants. You can choose from the list of traditional recipes to discover Armenian flavors, from dolma or kufta, harisa or spas, gata or pahlava and you will never regret it.

14:30pm- after a delicious lunch it’s time to visit Yerevan N2 Market. Here you will find all Armenian fruits and vegetables, greens and dried fruits, spices and beans, basturma and sujukh. Don’t forget to buy some natural honey and jams for family and friends.

16:00pm- rent a car with TravelCar and head out to the Holy city of Etchmiadzin - a town with rich history and old churches in every corner. Besides the Mother Cathedral here are located also the churches of St. Gayane, St. Hripsime, St. Shoghakat and others. While driving back to capital you can visit the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral built in the 7th century.

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19:00pm- have a light dinner in one of the restaurants near the Republic Square and start a walking tour around Yerevan downtown. Yerevan has an appealing allure in the evening, when the electric lights are on the city starts to show you its heart and soul. Start your tour from the Republic Square, walk through the Abovyan street right to the North Avenue, have a walk around the Swan lake and the Freedom Square around the Opera House. If you like active rest you can visit one of the night clubs in the downtown and dance the night away.

Day Two

8am- breakfast in the hotel restaurant or in any other café and restaurant. Delicious omelet with Armenian basturma or tomato, heated lavash with spicy Armenian cheese and a cup of fresh juice or coffee will fill you with energy for the great day ahead.

9am- visit to the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. This museum is located in the famous Armenian Cascade stairway. Here are showed the works of famous national and international artists.

10am- Cascade stairway connects downtown with the Victory Park. Have a walk around the park visit the statue of Mother Armenia and lay flowers to the eternal flame that burns in the memory for all those who never returned from the World War II.

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11:30am- visit to the temple of knowledge Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts; Matenadaran. This magnificent museum exhibits flawless beauty of national manuscripts that were written in the depth of the ages.  

14:00pm- after a quick lunch head away to the next location Khor Virap. It is here that people face how the biblical events and the First Christian Nation connect with each other. From the walls of the monastery is seen Ararat Mountain clear and pure; the national symbol of Armenia.

17:00pm- visit to the Tsitsernakaberd, lay flowers to eternal flame to pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

18:00pm- dinner in one of the ethnic restaurants of Yerevan

19:00pm- visit the 2800 fountain park dedicated to the 2800th birthday of Yerevan. Following the visit to St. Grigor Lusavorich church and the walk around the Circle Park.

21:00pm- visit to one of the jazz clubs in Yerevan. Armenian jazz has its own spirit and mood. To feel Armenia, you should also feel the Armenian jazz music.

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