Car Rental Guide for Travelers from Georgia

georgia car rental guide

Everybody knows that Armenia and Georgia are not only neighbouring countries but also very good friends. Every year thousands of travelers from Georgia are visiting Armenia and thousands of travelers from Armenia are visiting Georgia.

During the previous decade Georgia became one of the most trending touristic destinations. Only during the year of 2016 approximately three million tourists from all over the world visited Georgia. Increasing tourism makes sense for car rental companies to jump into car rental industry with a very fast speed.

Because of a big number of car rental local and international companies car rental market in Georgia became highly competitive.

In this article we will try to describe in details all the things one needs to know about renting a car in Georgia or in Armenia.


4 The Most Important Things to Make Clear Before Renting

  • Minimum age of the renter

In both countries the minimum age of the person who’s going to drive the rented car is 21.

So, if you are not 21 years old yet, neither local company, nor international will give you a car for hire.

  • The deposit fee

The deposit amount is a fixed sum of money, which the rental agency will block on your credit card. It’s a must, so no company will provide you a vehicle without the deposit.

  • Documents

One of the most frequently asked questions for the rental companies in Georgia and in Armenia is the question regarding the documentation and the paperwork.

All you need to provide is your passport and a valid driving license. To prepare the rental agreement usually takes about 10 minutes. If you do not have the passport, you can provide just a copy of your document, for some local companies that is okay.

  • Insurance

Being well enough informed about the insurance of the car rental agency is probably the most important thing.

In Georgia, as well as in most of the car rental companies of Armenia they offer two types of insurance packages: Standard Insurance and Full Insurance.

In case of the Standard Insurance you have a risk to loose your money, blocked as a deposit if something happens to the car. But if you choose the Full Insurance package that risk lowers and equals to zero. So, we always recommend our customers to use the full insurance.


About Crossing The Border from Georgia to Armenia and Visa-Versa

If you rented a car in Georgia and want to drive to Armenia or visa-versa you will need a permission from the car rental company. The permission usually costs from 30$ to 50$.

Some car hire companies even provide you with a service of dropping off the rented car in the neighbouring country.

For example with “TravelCar” you can pick up your rental car in Georgia and drop it off in Armenia, no matter at the airport or in one of the city centre offices of “TravelCar”.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


Always Book a Car in Georgia Beforehand

We are not getting tired of advising our readers to book in advance. If you have a chance ALWAYS BOOK your rental car online, when you are still at home. In that case the rental agent will give you a call asking for your documents, so the rental agreement will be ready when you get to the office. Plus the car you required will be cleaned and fully tanked at the time of your arrival.


Rent a Car for the Best Possible Price

No matter you are hiring a car in Georgia or in Armenia, always try to get informed about all the Special Offers, discounts and advantages. Do not be shy to ask the rental agent about any offers and deals you can advantage from, search the website of the rental company beforehand, try to find their Facebook page, where you will surely find all the ads about their newest offers and deals.
Get acquainted with the additional services, try to get the equipments that will make your journey easier and more careless. Ask about GPS navigation, Wi-Fi connection, maybe the Chauffeur Service will appear useful for you.

Shortly speaking make a good survey before renting a car in Georgia and in Armenia and MAKE YOUR JOURNEY BETTER.

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