10 Interesting Facts About Armenia

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If you have planned a trip to Armenia, we are sure you already know that you’ll travel around one of the most wonderful and mysterious lands. To make your
future trip more impressive here we are going to tell you 10 interesting facts about Armenia.

Fact 1. Armenia was the first country which adopted Christianity

The honorary title of first country to adopt Christianity belongs to Armenia. It became a state religion in 301 AD. From that time till now Armenian Church is
independent from Catholic and Orthodox churches. In 301-303 AD the Holy See of Echmiatsin was built, which is one of the first Christian buildings in the whole
world. Now it is the residence of the Armenian Catholicos.

Fact 2. 5500 aged shoe

Scientists proved that the oldest shoe on the Earth has history of 5500 years. The shoe was totally made from cow leather. It was found in Vayots Dzor near the
village Areni in a place, named “The cave of birds”.

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Fact 3. The longest aerial non-stop tramway

According to Guinness World Records, the longest ropeway or non-stop tramway is called “Tatever” (“the wings of Tatev”) and is located in Syuniq region, near the
famous Tatev monastery. Its length is 5752 m.

Fact 4. The Armenian Stonehenge

“Zorats Karer” is the name of the ancient observatory in Armenia. It is also called “Karahunj”. The Armenian Stonehenge is 3500 years older than the Stonehenge
of England. And what is more amazing it’s 3000 years older than Egyptian pyramids.

Fact 5. World’s oldest wine cellar

The co-director of the international team of archeologists from the University of Los Angeles Gregory Areshian, through excavation found out the world’s oldest
winery with the history of 6000 years. It was discovered in 2011 in a cave near villages Getap and Areni. This wine cellar is consider to be the earliest example of wine production.

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Fact 6. Armenian UNESCO bread

Worldwide known Armenian bread “lavash” is a soft, thin kind of bread made in tandoor. From 2014 it is included in UNESCO heritage list.

Fact 7. 5 UNESCO sites in Armenia

The UNESCO heritage list inscribes also 5 sites in Armenia. They are ancient Zvartnots archaeological site, Sanahin and Haghpat Monasteries, the Monastic complex of Echmiatsin with St. Hripsime, St. Gayane and St. Shoghakat churches and the cave monastery in Geghard.

Fact 8. Churchill’s secret

The special type of Armenian brandy was produced for the Yalta conference in 1945. At the conference Sir Winston Churchill was also present. After a long time he was asked about his secret of longevity and his answer was, “Never be late for dinner, smoke Cuban cigars and drink Armenian brandy…”

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Fact 9. The only in its kind Armenian alphabet monument

The region Aragatsotn is famous for its letter park. It is the only monument dedicated to the one of the oldest alphabets in the history, created in 405 AD.

Fact 10. The old and young capital

The capital Yerevan despite its modern architecture, style and up-to-date life rhythm is already 2798 years old!


Wow! You already know 10 more captivating facts about Armenia. Now it's the perfect time to choose your car and look forward for your amazing trip! 

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