15 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Armenia.

Amazing Things You Would Like To Know About Armenia

Armenia is an amazingly beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous country. It’s full of history, ancient architecture, medieval castles, archaic temples and monasteries, crystal clear lakes and rivers, picturesque mountains, fertile valleys and forests….

Armenia is a natural beauty by itself. One should visit this stunning country at least once in a lifetime.  

Even the locals can’t get enough of living in this paradise, because living here is like discovering the armenian history day by day and keep on learning new things about one of the most ancient countries in the world.

Here are a few things you probably didn't know about Armenia.


1. The national symbol of Armenia is located in Turkey.

 The principal national symbol of Armenia is snowy Mount Ararat. In spite the fact that Ararat is depicted on the country’s coat of arms and it is all over Armenian art and literature, however, Ararat is actually located on the territory of Turkey.


2. Armenian lavash is Unesco-listed.

Armenian dinner tables are always full with the huge piles of the tastiest flat bread - lavash. This national dish is included in Unesco’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014.


3. The largest lake in the Caucasus is located in Armenia.

The Lake Sevan covers the sixth of country’s territory. And what a beauty it is. Stunning Sevanavank monastic complex is considered to be one of the top attractions of Armenia.


4. The world’s oldest winery was founded in Armenia.

 Archaeologists claim that they discovered the oldest winery on the planet in a cave not far from the village of Areni in 2011.


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5. You can go skiing in Armenia.

Tsakhkadzor is the main ski resort in Armenia. It has 27 kilometers of slopes and 6 lifts to take you up there. In addition, it’s a pretty cheap entertainment, about 18$ for a ski pass day.


6. Armenia is a homeland of many celebrities.

It is the ancestral homeland of Kim Kardashian, Cher, Charles Aznavour, Andre Agassi and Serj Tankian, the founder of American music band - System of a Down, the group which is publicising the injustices of the Armenian Genocide.


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7. More Armenian people live abroad than in Armenia.

The Armenian Genocide forced millions of Armenians to outrun.There are about 5.6 million Armenian people living abroad. It is greater that the population of Armenia, which is 3 million.


8. Armenia has one of the world’s oldest capitals.

Yerevan - the capital city of Armenia, which is also known as the pink city, is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities. It was constructed 29 years before Rome. It still has a tremendous number of historic buildings inside the capital.


9. Armenian women are the prettiest in the world.

According to the American famous magazine 44,000 US men voted for Armenian women as the world’s prettiest ones. Probably that’s because of Kim Kardashian, who is considered to be the nowadays’ icon of beauty.

10. It has 3 Unesco World Heritage Sites.

The cathedral and churches of Echmiatsin; The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin; The archaeological site of Zvartnots; and The monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley, these are all Unesco Heritage Sites.


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11. The longest ropeway in the world is in Armenia.

According to the Guinness World Records, the ropeway of Tatev is the longest non-stop double track cable ropeway in the whole world. It is 5,752 meters long. The ropeway of Tatev connects the Tatev Monastery with the village of Halizor. It amazes its visitors with spectacular, stunning views across the Vorotan River Gorge.


12. Armenian cognac was Winston Churchill’s favorite drink.

Churchill’s love of brandy has never been a secret. During the World War The Second, Joseph Stalin shipped dozens of boxes with Armenian cognac to Winston Churchill, which the British Prime-Minister truly liked.


13. Armenian people are as strong as nails.

This country won three silver and one gold medals at the Rio Olympics, all of them were in  weightlifting or wrestling. Enough said.


14. There’s a monument of Armenian alphabet.

In 2005 Armenian alphabet celebrated its 1600-th birthday. In Aparan, near the final resting place of Mesrop Mashtoc - the man who created the Armenian alphabet, one can find the monument with giant letters, dedicated to the alphabet.


15. Armenian stonehenge is 3,500 years older than British Stonehenge.

This ancient site, often called the ''Armenian Stonehenge'', is also known as Zorats Karer, Carahunge, but the truth about that is even more fascinating. According to researchers, Armenian Stonehenge could be among the world's oldest astronomical observatories, and is at least 3,500 years older than British Stonehenge.