"Travel Car" New Branch at Tufenkian Heritage Hotel

 Tufenkian Heritage Hotel in Yerevan is one of the most famous, popular, well known and high quality hotels in Armenia.

 The ancient historic building attracts travellers from all over the world.


The Founder of Tufenkian Heritage Hotels.

 The founder of Tufenkian Heritage Hotels is James Tufenkian. He describes himself as a “ born-again Armenian “. James arrived to Armenia during the years of The Soviet times and was charmed by the beauty of Armenian land and our nation’s spirit. Later, after the collapse of the USSR, James decided to come back to Armenia and to take part in the development of the new, independent Armenia.

After creating a carpet-manufacturing business here and employing more than one thousand Armenians, Mr. Tufenkian started to think about another opportunity to do something important for the nation’s development. Right at that period the inspiration of building a chain of boutique hotels throughout the Armenian land came to him.


About The Tufenkian Boutique Hotels In Armenia.

 Tufenkian Heritage Hotel introduces the country’s heritage full of customs, traditions, art, ancient architecture, picturesque landscapes and indescribably tasty authentic cuisine to travellers from all over the world.

 There is an amazing carpet showroom inside of the Tufenkian building, where tourists can experience the ancient art of weaving carpets. Each carpet of Tufenkian is the clear reflection of Armenian time-honored traditions. Tufenkian is making the world’s finest handmade Armenian and Tibetan carpets with the usage of exceptional rare materials.

 Yerevan’s, Dilijan’s, Sevan’s and Lori’s Tufenkian Heritage Hotels are making the chain of Armenia’s first luxury boutique hotel collection.


Good News For “Travel Car” Customers!

 This amazing place, located on the Hanrapetutyan street 48, is now available for our “Travel Car” customers. Since now, you can find the best car rental agency in Yerevan at Tufenkian Heritage Hotels as well as at Northern Avenue 5, next to "Ibis" hotel. Our “Travel Car“ team is here, always ready to help you with the most convenient car hire deals and offers ever.

  Rent with us, stay amused!!