Your Perfect Family Car

Whether you're on your way to family vacation or a circle of relatives’ holiday, obviously you and your family spend a lot of time on the roads.

Make sure your family travels effectively, conveniently and safely through choosing the right vehicle. Family vehicle patterns encompass minivans, SUVs, mid- to large-sized sedans, but here's much more to consider when you choose the best car for your family members. You need to additionally observe safety, reliability, economic system and personal preferences — for example, ease of car seat set up and possibly a few nifty extras — for every type.



SUVs seem to be the "hip-choice” in recent years. This kind of vehicles are attractive, roomy and powerful, effective and responsive. SUVs sit up higher, an ideal characteristic for shorter rivers and improved all-round visibility. Plus, SUVs are frequently equipped with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive to handle a number of terrains. SUVs are normally equipped with family bonuses, along with rear-seat DVD players, enough cup holders for all people in the car, rear air-conditioning and headphone jacks.

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If you're going to choose an SUV, search for responsive, mid-size SUVs with splendid crash test ratings, or keep in mind a crossover, which mixes the safety of minivans with the glossy  functions of a traditional SUV.



Minivans are remaining a best family vehicle, giving a super alternative to station wagons in terms of improved seating and storage. What makes minivans really worth renting? For starters, they're fairly secure. If a minivan is appeared in a crash, crumple zones assist to take in the impact and guard passengers. 

Minivans are also roomy, accommodating up to six people effectively, and 9 snugly. And speaking of spacious, minivans feature the benefit of walk-through seating — you may really walk through the cabin without stepping outside the automobile.

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This vehicles have automated sliding doors, which minimize the stress of putting some things/items into your car while holding a child in your arms. The low threshold of minivans makes it less complicated to install or put off the car seats, and lead your children inside and out.


Family Sedans

Just like gas prices, the sales and attractiveness of sedans, especially smaller, are rising.

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Due to the fact that sedans are smaller than SUVs and minivans, drivers can easily reach family members. This fact comes in handy with kids in the backseat. Some sedan models include interesting features such as rear-seat viewing mechanisms, which enable you to have eyes in the back of your head and keep your childrenwithin your eyeshot. 


Which car is good for my Family?

The size and preferences of your family will help you to decide which car isexcellent for you. You need to have in mind whether your family members are involved sport activities with device that requires bigger area, or do you use your vehicle often as a means to get from point A to B?

If you still can't choose an appropriate car for your family, look through our fleet and find it.


With love, your Travelcar!